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The Air Elemental is one of the Elemental Slugs featured in the Slugterra: Return of the Elementals movie, where The Goon intended to ghoul them all and destroy SlugTerra.


The Air Elemental is a small grey slug with a heap of pointed spikes on his head. Also on his head is one small silver spike. He has flying membranes under his arms, giving him the power of flying in protoform. 

When he transforms he turns into a bird like creature with long slim silver wings with the same accessories as in protoform.

He is mischievous and like the Fire, Water and Earth Elementals, totally unpredictable. Eli used Slug Fu to stop him from destroying SlugTerra in Slug Fu Showdown.

In The Return of the Eastern Champion, the Air Elemental was used by Junjie to fight The Emperor. Using Slug Fu, he easily took down hordes of Stone Warriors before being stopped by The Emperor's shield.



Slug Attacks

  • Galeboom - A massive strike of wind power can knock a whole group of foes on their backs.
  • Windwhirl - Can set the air of a whole cavern into motion as a giant whirlwind, throwing all of your foes off balance.
  • Airspike - A concentrated stream of air strikes your opponent with highly targeted, pressurized force.

Ghoul Attacks

  • Skyclone (unofficial) - Shot at the ground - begins spinning, foe is sucked into a huge twister.

List of Elemental Descendants




  • The Air Elemental along with the Hoverbug slug, are the only slugs which can fly in protoform.
  • When the Shane Gang found him, he was already ghouled.
  • It is the only Elemental Slug who's past location not revealed, however it's possible location could be Wind-Farm Cavern.
  • It was the first of the Elemental Slugs to become a ghoul and the last of the Elemental along with the Water Elemental to be cured.


Normal Version

Ghouled Version

Opening Burpy Slugs Tormato ghoul

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