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Amperling is the Ghouled version of the Tazerling. It has dark blue skin with a yellow belly and neon green lightning bolt-shaped antennae. They have electric powers like the Tazerling, but, like most Ghouls, they are stronger and more dangerous than their normal counterpart.  Amperlings can be defeated using an Tazerling's Quetzabolt attack.

Known owners of the Amperling include Dr. Blakk and his henchmen.


  • Protoform Abilities - Small zap of electricity.
  • Amperjolt - Zaps the opponent with darkly powerful electric arcs.
  • Fry-fi - Targets gear and equipment, short circuiting blaster.
  • Amperwing - Shoots a black lightning strike from its mouth, shocking the target.
  • Slugzapper - Creates a black electric defense screen that shocks any slug that gets shot through it.



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