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Personal Information
Name Banger
Affiliation Eli Shane
Biological Information
Race Slug (Armashelt)
First Appearance "The World Beneath Our Feet Part 2"

Banger is an Armashelt Slug who belongs to Eli Shane. When he hits 100mph this little guy turns into a crab-like version of himself with cannonball abilities. Banger once belonged to a Slinger named Jacques. Banger is a good natured Slug who is very proud of his abilities. In Light as Day Banger Mega Morphed in order to help save Slugterra. Even though his Mega Morph protoform was seen his Mega Morph velocimorph wasn't.He's Mega Morph is seen in the movie.

In "The Journey Home" it is shown that Banger's shell is strong enough to withstand being run over by a truck.

Known Moves

  • Protoform Abilities - Heavy with a hard outer shell; can roll up and bash things like a rock.
  • Canonbolt - Arms tuck in to form a large cannonball, that can bash through walls.
  • Bruise Missile - Able to steer itself to ensure better accuracy - small explosion upon impact.

Fusion Shots


  • MagmaStrike: "Banger"+"Burpy" - The slugs launch a flaming boulder.


  • Banger is one of Eli's most experienced Slugs, as revealed in the Slugisode "Trading Slugs".
  • In "Lightwell", when Dr. Blakk reveiled himself after having followed Eli, Banger actually tries to swing his arms at him while the other Slugs run away, hinting that he might have an even bigger hatred of Dr. Blakk than most Slugs





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