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Battle For Slugterra
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Battle for SlugTerra is a SlugTerra computer-platform game in which players collect Slugs and battle enemies.

Game Information

Young slugslinger Eli Shane must traverse the caverns of Slugterra collecting powerful slugs, solving puzzles and battling a horde of nefarious enemies along the way - including the evil Dr. Blakk!



  • Infurnus (Damage; medium/high*): level 1-01
  • Rammstone (Damage; high+push): level 1-04
  • Bubbleone (Damage; traps+removes armor): level 1-07
  • Tazerling (Damage; high+power generater): level 1-10
  • Vinedrill (Damage; poison+builds bridges): level 2-05
  • Frostcrawler (Damage; low/high*+freeze): level 2-10
  • Grenuke (Damage; high+timed explosion): level 3-05
  • Dirt Urchin (Damage; low+maximum rate of fire): level 3-10
  • Enigmo (Damage; reveals invisible objects): level 4-02
  • Negashade (Damage; high+manuverablity): level 4-05
  • Hypnogrif (Damage; control enemy): level 4-07
  • Phosphoro (Damage; medium+enemy seeking lights): level 4-10

*Damage radius for slugs can be encanced for one level (50 for Frostcrawler powerup, 75 for Infurnus and Tazerling powerup)

Enemy exclusive slugs

  • Flatulorhinkus (Damage; medium) used by Shadow Clan and Turretshroom.
  • Lavalynx (Damage; medium) used by Lava Crawlers and Fire Demons.
  • Pyringo (Damage; medium) used by Shadow Clan and Slugslingers.
  • Hop Jack (Damage; high) used by Slugslingers.

Enemies and Weaknesses

  • Mimics (Negashade, Infurnus)
  • Bees (Phosphoro, Negashade)
  • Bugbush (Infurnus)
  • Turretshrooms (Dirt Urchin, Phosphoro)
  • Bats (Ramstone)
  • Slugslingers (Infurnus)
  • Stinkshrooms (Rammstone)
  • Lobsters (Phosphoro, Tazerling)
  • Mimics w/ helmet (Bubbleone)
  • Lava Crawlers (Phosphoro)
  • Moths (Phosphoro)
  • Mimics w/ helmet & shield (Bubbleone)
  • Spitfire Frog (Grenuke)
  • Lava Bats (Frostcrawler)
  • Stone Rats (Grenuke)
  • Fire Demons (Negashade)
  • Ghouled Mechas (Tazerling)
  • Shadow Clan (Negashade)
  • Stone Rat w/armor (Hypnogrif is the only slug that can be used on it effectively)
  • Electro Bats (Hypnogrif)
  • Shadow King (Any slug)


  • Spikes
  • Stone Rams (Rammstone)
  • Boulders (Frostcrawler/Rammstone)
  • Power Generator (Tazerling)
  • Vine bridge (Vinedrill)
  • Falling Platforms
  • Stalagtites
  • Lava
  • Lava Balls (Frostcrawler)
  • Lava Geyser (Frostcrawler)
  • Stone Blocks (Grenuke)
  • Large Boulders (Grenuke)
  • Hidden Passages (Enigmo)
  • Stone Tortoise (Hypnogrif)


  • Hypnogrif and Negashade were released in the game before their official release on the website.
  • Enigmo doesn't do anything to enemies other than reveal invisible ones.
  • Bubbaleone's ability to trap enemies wasn't added until the Slug level update months after its original release.  This update also added Vinedrill poison and the Frostcrawler's ability to completely freezing enemies.
  • Running while firing will increase the rate of fire (exept for Enigmo, Grenuke, Hypnogrif, Bubbleone, and Negashade)
  • Spitfire frogs were supposed to be released in Dark Spores, but didn't make an appearance until Scorched Sparks.
  • The Grenuke Slug wasn't call Sparky, It was called Banger. It was corrected later.




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