Blakk guards are hired sluggers that serve Blakk's will. Blakk employs hundreds of goons through SlugTerra to do his bidding and Guard. After


Blakk's goons wear dark suits and fire basic Ghouls. Most goons are low-level grunts who are not named in the show. Not much is known about them expect that the low-level Goons they are all Human.


  • Delta Operator - Blakk's henchmen, these guards have been highly trained to keep order in the caverns. As long as it's Dr. Blakk's order.
  • Omicron Squadron - Blakk's marine henchmen, these guards keep order on the cavern seas. As long as it's Dr. Blakk's order.
  • Elite - Elite members of the Blakk Guard. (Note: These guards are larger in comparison.)
  • Omega Operator -

Main Jobs & Locations


  • It has been shown that some goons are easily shocked, for example, as seen in Light as Day, two goons simpler stand there with a Grenuke slug at their feet.



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