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Blasters are part of the Slugslinger's basic gear needed for slinging slugs. Blasters are used to shoot Slugs with enough force for them to reach velocity and transform. Blasters can be customized with accessories to enhance the blaster's or the slinger's performance, although most slingers stick with the basic components of their chosen model and let the Slugs do the work. Blasters can be temporarily disabled, permanently damaged or destroyed by slug attacks, misfire or improper blaster modifications. Even without a blaster, it is still possible for the slug to reach velocity using historical methods such as catapults or slingshots.

How it Works


Blaster: How It Works

When a Slug is loaded, the Slug's energy turns the electromagnet inside the fusion core, spinning the centrifudge to speed, pressurizing the air inside. When the trigger is pulled, the pressurized air from the centrifudge pushes the slug from blaster, allowing the slug to reach velocity.



Blaster: Components

  • Base: This is where the blaster's trigger mechanism, cocking mechanism and fusion core are located.
    • Fusion Core: The power source for all blasters.  This mechanism converts Slug energy for use in firing the blaster. Certain kinds of shots, such as Eli's Fusion Shots, have a recharge delay before the fusion core has enough of a charge to fire again.  Because the core runs off of a Slug's energy, the strength of the shot is dependent upon the strength of the slug. Different cores have different energy tolerances and are meant for Slugs of different experience. If an experienced slug is shot out of a blaster with a lower energy tolerance, it may damage the blaster.
  • Ammo Feed: The area to chamber the slug shells.
  • Barrel: Different barrels are better suited for different types of shots.  This means that looking at a slinger's blaster can provide clues to their slinging style, even without knowing what kinds of slugs they use.
  • Rail Add-Ons (Optional): Used to attach accessories to enchance the blaster's or slinger's performance.

Shell Types

  • Slug Containers: These clear blue-plastic tubes the most common type of shell for holding Slugs.  They can fire any non-Ghouled Slug under most environmental conditions.  They do not work underwater, as they are unable to produce enough speed to allow a Slug to reach velocity.
  • Ghoul Containers: A red version of the standard Slug tube, with a spiral-cover over the opening that can seal a Ghoul in to keep it from escaping.
  • Torpedo Shell: A specialized shell needed to fire Slugs underwater.

Blaster Models


Blaster: Models


  • AquaBeek, Jellyish and Lariat Slugs are an exception to the rule of slinging underwater, capable of reaching velocity using only the standard Slug tube.


Eli's first blaster


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