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Personal Information
Name Bluster
Occupation Trixie's Slugs Arsenal
Affiliation Beatrice Sting
Biological Information
Slug-Kind Tormato
Ghoul-Kind Tempesto (Formerly)
Series Debut SlugTerra
Episode Debut "The World Beneath Our Feet Part 2"
Movie Debut "Ghoul from Beyond"

Bluster is a Tormato Slug who belongs to Beatrice Sting. He can create a tornado or vortex when he reaches 100mph. His name was revealed in his debut episode.  It is unknown whether Trixie named him before meeting Eli or had simply quickly adopted his habit of naming Slugs.He is the favorite slug of Beatrice Sting and along with Spinner and Polo are her favorite slugs.He used most by Beatrice Sting in Light as Day and also mega morph in that episode. In "Return of the Elementals" Bluster was ghouled after the Air Elemental Slug was ghouled after they unghouled the Air Elemental Bluster was un ghouled.

Known Attacks

Normal Slug

  • Protoform Abilities - Blows a small jet of air, like a hairdryer.
  • Slyphoon - Spins in the air producing a rampaging tornado.

Ghoul Slug

  • Protoform Abilities - Can blow dust in your eyes.
  • Cyclovise - Can create a small cyclone around an opponent, sucking out oxygen until they pass out.

Fusion Shots


  • BoulderStorm: "Bluster"+"Bludgeon" - Rammstone launches Tormato at multiple opponents as the Tormato creates a rampaging cyclone filled with boulders.


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