BoonX2 Master are a type of a staff blasters.


One was first introduced in The Unbeatable Master were it was owned by Master Shanai, who was able to perform Fusion Shots with her's, but moments after her defeat, the staff would be accidentally destroyed by Eli Shane after 2 of his slugs, Burpy and Joules, were too powerful for it to handle.

Another one is later introduced in Slugterra: Eastern Caverns and owned by the Dai-Fu and has a similar appearance as Shanai's but has a darker colour scheme. However it's revealed to be the weapon of Master Lian and used to have a much more lighter colour scheme.



  • The BoonX2 Master is the first blaster to fire a Fusion Shot in SlugTerra.
  • The staff can also be used as a weapon to beat up enemies, as seen used by Shanai in "The Unbeatable Master" and by the Dai-Fu/Lian throughout Season Three.





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