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Group of cavetrolls with Pronto

Cave Trolls are a species native to SlugTerra. According to Will Shane, you can't find anyone more trustwothy than a Cave Troll. Cave Trolls are noted for being great engineers and are credited for creating most of the passage ways used in SlugTerra. In addition, Cave Trolls also control the Forge that produces Mecha-Beasts.

It is implied in "The World Beneath Our Feet Part 1" that Cave Trolls are not popular with other species. Both Trixie and Burpy are initially afraid of him, and Kord believes that Eli won't want to duel with him because he's a troll.


  • Strength
  • Engineering skills


  • An aversion to water. While an outright fear of water may be a trait particular to Kord, rather than standard for Cave Troll as a whole, a comment made in the episode "The Hard Part" indicates that Trolls, in generally, shower infrequently.

Named Cave Trolls


  • Cave Trolls usally live in clans.
  • Cave Trolls have their own language.


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