The Cavern Museum is a museum and was thought to be one of SlugTerra's most highly secured places (the other being Blakk's Citadel), but that was proven incorrect when Dana Por broke in with the help of some stolen Shadow Clan tech.

The museum's alarm system is equipped with lasers and if they detect you, they set off an ice cannon and other defense systems using turrets. When Dana Por broke in and set off the alarm, the Shane Gang would be the ones that would be fired upon while Dana evaded all the traps.



  • It is unknown which cavern the museum is located in, but considering that this seems to be Slugterra's primary source of history, art, etc.. The museum might likely be located near Slugterra's center.
  • The museum has a gift shop in which Dana stole a T-shirt from it.
  • According to Kord and Eli, there is nowhere harder to get into than the museum except for Dr. Blakk's Citadel.

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