China is a country in Asia on The Surface.


China was once ruled by The Emperor, the First Emperor of China, who would rule the land with an iron fist nearly 2000 years ago. Nearly everyone would surrender except for Yang, who dared to face him but would fail and eventually their feud would lead them to The Eastern Caverns, and release China from the Emperor's evil clutches.



  • It is unknown how Junjie knows that his ancestor Yang is from China as the people during the Qin dynasty (when the first emperor of China was in rule) called their country "Qin" instead of "China".
    • Although the European name for China is possible to be derived from this dynasty, most people at that time do not use "China" to call their country.
    • It is possible that Junjie may have gone to The Surface (or specifically China) through The Grotto since it is a walkable journey.


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