Non-Canon Alert!
This article may contain details about material that does not exist in the official SlugTerra canon.

Commander Croc aka Gator is gator-like slugslinger that appears in the "Slug it Out" games.


Once a fearsome pirate, Gator is now looking to retire after one last treasure hunt. The only obstacle on his way? Eli Shane.


In Slug It Out!, Gator appears in Undertow Cavern to stop Eli Shane from finding a treasure. And later in Slug It Out 2, now Commander Croc, along with other smaller gators named Broc, Roc and Smoc, attack Eli Shane in the sewers and Land's End.




  • Broc
  • Roc
  • Smoc



  • Since there are more than one Gator in Slug It Out 2, it is possible that a gator is an animal species.

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