The Crimson KNG (Crimson King) or CU VO1 (Copper Version 1) (unofficial name) is a type of blaster that's currently well-known for being used by The Hooligang leader, Billy. An Eastern Caverns variation is used by The Outlaws.

Owners & History

  • Billy
  • Dr. Blakk - before taking Viggo Dare's blaster for himself, a Crimson KNG was the first blaster model he had. He took it from a slinger he saw getting defeated, and over the course of 5 years, Blakk would collect a total of 4 of them.
  • Maurice - Before getting a Blakk Industries blaster, before Will Shane's disappearance, Maurice can be seen with a Crimson KNG, and it was mostly like given to him by Viggo.
  • Viggo's Gang - The Crimson KNG most have been the standard model blasters for Viggo's gang members because most of them (humans) can be seen with one.
  • The Outlaws - Most Outlaws use this blaster model but they are blue in colour.


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