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ST SG SLUGS CryptogrifProto

ST SG SLUGS CryptogrifVeloTrail

Famous Ghoul(s) Dazer (Formerly)
Regular Slug Hypnogrif
Owner(s) Saturday (Formerly)
The Emperor
Power Type(s) Trance Ghoul
Element Dark shadow Dark Shadow
Rarity Ultra rare Ultra Rare
Series Debut SlugTerra
Episode Debut "Dawn of the Slug"

Cryptogrif is the Ghouled version of the Hypnogrif. It has mind control powers. When someone gets hit by a Cryptogriff, they enter zombie-like state where they obey the slinger who shot them with the Slug. The Cryptogriff does not seem to need to actually leave the blaster to unleash its power, though this is unconfirmed because in Mission: Improbable, Mr. Saturday said he was running low on ghouls, showing that he had more than one ghoul because they leave their blaster. It also can read minds, as seen in "Dawn Of The Slug" when Eli thought to attack one. The effects of it can be reversed when using Mr. Saturday's Control Staff/Blaster and spinning the barrel the opposite direction it is supposed to spin in.

This is the signature slug of Mister Saturday.


  • Protoform Abilities - Makes you feel uneasy.
  • Veritgruf - Hits opponent, overwhelming them with vertigo and motion sickness.
  • Mindshlock - Paralyzes opponent, but makes them see creepy crawlies all over them.
  • Cryptoglif - Zombifies opponents when it hits, allowing the slugslinger to control a foe's mind.




  • This ghoul has been nicknamed the "Zombus" Slug because of its ability to turn people into mindless zombies.
  • In the episode "Dawn of the Slug", Mister Saturday had a Cryptogriff which he used to zombify all the people in the mall.
  • Its name is derived from the word "Crypt" which is a burial place; this is most likely referencing the Cryptogriff's zombification powers.

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