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Mecha's Heart (Ghouled)

Dark Energy also known as Ghoul Energy is energy that's given off of Ghoul Slugs and Dark Water, but is naturally found in the Deep Caverns.


  • Source of life and power for creatures from the Deep Caverns and things that have been corrupted.
  • Being surrounded by Dark Energy prevents regular Slugs from transforming at velocity.
  • Overtime normal Slugs feel ill, and can die.
  • Items powered by Ghoul Energy have a reddish glow as opposed to things powered by Slug Energy, which is blue.
  • Exposure to Dark Energy can cause changes to a living being, such as the skin to turn ghostly white like Dr. Blakk in Back to Blakk, to be mutated into a monster like Dr. Blakk in Slugterra: Return of the Elementals, or gain immortality and other dark abilities like The Emperor as revealed in The Fall of the Eastern Champion.



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