The name "Deedweed Miners" is used for the Miners who work at Deadweed Cavern, a former gold mine. But now the name "Deadweed Miners" (nicknamed "The Miners") is also used for their Intercavern Slugball team.


These miners used to work in a gold mine, Deadweed Cavern, but one day Blakk Industries took over the cavern, and the miners were employed to mine for Dark Water, which had devastating effects on their bodies. But one day the Shane Gang would discovery the dark secrets of the cavern and they would help the "ghostly" miners stop Dr. Blakk's operations, and the miners would return to their physical state. After that the miners promised never to let Blakk continue with his plans in Deadweed, and then sometime after that, some of the miners joined the slugball league.


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