Element — There are officially just 12 Slug Elements: Fire, Electricity, Light, Earth, Metal, Ice, Toxic, Water, Psychic, Plant, Air and Dark Shadow. But 1 Element remains to be confirmed: Shadow. This is a list of Elements (& their symbols) and their slugs:

SlugTerra SlugsElementals-StarGhouls
Fire Fire Opening BurpyOpening HopRockOpening FlaringoStill Grenuke CPForgesmelter Protoform 312x340ST SG SLUGS BlastipedeProtoFire Elemental Slug ProtoformFirenzar
Electricity Electricity Opening Joules CPST SG SLUGS XmitterProto
Light Light Opening DocOpening Fandango CPEnigmo(2)Slugterre4White Boon Doc ProtoformDoc Guardian ProtoformMidas
Earth Earth Opening RammstoneOpening ArachnetLavalynx protoCrystalyd1Diggrix ProtoformST SG SLUGS SandAnglerProtoST SG SLUGS GeoshardProtoEarth Elemental Slug Protoform
Metal Metal ST SG SLUGS BangerProtoform2Still Threasher CPStuntsPolaro Protoform 312x340ST SG SLUGS SlickSilverProtoST SG SLUGS XmitterProto
Ice Ice Opening ChillerNarwhaddle
Toxic Toxic ST SG SLUGS FlatuloProtoformST SG SLUGS NeotoxProtoToxis-prot
Water Water Bubbaleone protoStill JellyishAquabeek protoLariat3ST SG SLUGS MakoBreakerProtoWater Elemental Slug Protoform
Psychic Psychic SpectreST SG SLUGS HypnogrifProtoST SG SLUGS NegashadeProtoST SG SLUGS ThuggletProtoST SG SLUGS HexletProto
Plant Plant VinOpening DirtUrchinST SG SLUGS NeotoxProto
Air Air Bluster1Opening HoverBugSlyren Protoform 312x340ST SG SLUGS GazzerProtoAir Elemental Slug ProtoformPieper proto
Dark shadow Dark Shadow Darkfurnus-protTazerling Ghouled CPST SG SLUGS GoonDocProtoST SG SLUGS GrimmstoneProtoST SG SLUGS HarmasheltProtoHoprock3Thresher3Frostcrawler3ST SG SLUGS AttacknetProtoFLATULOREXST SG SLUGS BubbalashProtoNightgeist Ghouled CPJellyish Ghouled CPVinedrone-protAquafreak ProtoformVamparoDoomspikerST SG SLUGS BarretoProtoST SG SLUGS PhotomoProtoTempesto-ProtPyringo-ProtoformHoverbladeNeedlowveil protoformGhouled CrystalydST SG SLUGS GreneaterProtoST SG SLUGS CryptogrifProtoGhouled NegashadeST SG SLUGS TerrarixProtoGhouled SlicksilverMegabreakerST SG SLUGS SmuggletProtoGhouled XmitterSand ManglerVexletNeurotox Protoform 321x340Ghouled GeoshardGhouled BlastipedeEarth Elemental GhoulAir Elemental GhoulWater ElementalFire Elemental Ghoul
Dark shadow Shadow ST SG SLUGS NegashadeProto
Unclassified Unclassified Flopper-protMimkey-ProtoformRoboSlugs-ProtoformUniversal SlugDustpuff

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