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Enigmo transformmatte2

Famous Slug(s) Mo
Owner(s) Eli Shane
Stocker (Temporarily)
Will Shane (Formerly)
Preferred Habitat(s)
Power Type(s) Perception effect
Element Light Light
Rarity Ultra rare Ultra Rare
Series-Debut SlugTerra
Episode-Debut "Endangered Species"
Movie-Debut "Return of the Elementals"
This is the dumbest slug in the world!
―Said by Trixie referring to Mo

Enigmo is an endangered, ultra rare, species of Slug with a pair of vertically stacked eyes.  These slugs are so rare that they were considered a legend. At Velocity, it transforms into an Aztec-like creature that causes blurred double-vision in whoever it hits. As, well as making you see double, the Enigmo's attack also allows a person to see the aura of slugs, a skill nessecary for creating fusion shots.  Both of these effects are reveresed when hit by the Enigmo again, but there are a few rare people that can see Slug auras without an Enigmo, like Master Shanai.

LIttle is known about the Enigmo Slug, as very few people have seen it transform, and the only two people seen to have had one are Eli Shane and Will Shane.

In Return of the Elementals, the Shadow Clan gave Eli another Enigmo slug, the 2 Enigmo slugs Eli now owns, and Mo and the other Enigmo soon fell in love with each other.

A famous Enigmo is Mo, who belongs to Eli Shane.

A ghouled version of Enigmo has not yet been seen in the show.


  • Protoform Abilities - Aligns slug energies, helps keep a group of slugs happy.
  • Doublast - Hits an opponent, giving them blurry double vision.
  • Loopolier - Hits an opponent's bandolier, making all their slugs dizzy.
  • Distrattack - Hits an opponent and makes them lose their train of thought (why was I attacking again?).
  • Accelestrike - When fired in tandem with another slug, the Enigmo will make that slug's move more effective against an opposing slug.
  • Flashbody - The patterns on its body glow, dizzying the opponent.
  • Aura Vision - Those hit by an enigmo can see the auras of slugs, leading slingers to see which slugs can make fusion shots.
  • Recoeyes (unofficial) - Can be used for saving a messege, photos etc. as seen in Return of the Elementals


One of the greatest advantages of the Enigmo is that it's rare to the point of being legendary, with only a handful of people actually knowing what it can do. Beyond the ability of merely surprising an opponent, the unknown powers of an Enigmo can cause other Slingers to fear it.

However, like the Neotox, the use an Enigmo in battle is a moral question, due to the damage it can inflict and the fact that said damage will last until the effected individual is hit with the Enigmo again.  This opens up the possibility of permanently damaging other peoples' vision. The Enigmo is clumsy.


  • During the episode "The Trade" you can see Eli next to a cage carrying an Enigmo. This is strange due to its rarity, but it could have been the Enigmo who Eli currently possesses, as many of the Slugs in captivity there were released into the wild by Kord, Trixie, and Pronto. The Enigmo may have been traded by a slinger who did not know what it was and only saw it as a REALLY dumb Slug (such as Billy not knowing he was in possession of a Boon Doc Slug, thinking it was just a powerless Slug). It also could be that the Enigmo species has more than two living members and are more exclusive than rare slugs, like the Crystalyd.
  • When Trixie finds a picture of the Enigmo, the picture shows an Enigmo but with the black being replaced by yellow.
  • On Slug It Out, the black is replaced with red.
  • Like the Fandango, it has the ability to raise the Slug Energy to a higher extent.
  • In "The Return", anyone hit by an Enigmo can see which two slugs can make a fusion shot.
  • Although in its protoform it has one tooth, it has three when it transforms.
  • Enigmo is a play on the word "enigma", which means a puzzle or mystery.
  • When not doing anything, the Enigmo will be cross-eyed, as seen near the end of Endangered Species.
  • During the episode The New Kid Part 2, an Enigmo was seen before the slugs attack Twist.
  • It's now known that Mo isn't that only Enigmo slug and that he may not have always been in all those Enigmo sightings before the episode Endangered Species.


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