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Fandangos are dark red, light element Slugs with teal stomachs, and slightly different protoforms than other Slug species. They are known for being rich in Slug Energy. They are not very useful in a battle, but are great for charging up other Slugs. They are common Slugs that can be found all over SlugTerra. Their power type is boosting Slug energies. In Slug It Out!, Fandangoes can power up another Slug to make it faster. A Megamorph Fandango is first seen in The Emperor Strikes Back.

A famous Fandango is Charger who belongs to Eli Shane.

A ghouled Fandango is called a Vamparo.


  • Protoform Abilities - Rich in slug energy, can act as a Slug beacon, helps maintain a healthy slug habitat.
  • Dynoboost - Increases the Slug energy in an area, boosting Slug powers.
  • Levelest - Significantly powers up another Slug when shot in tandem.
  • Slugwink - Happy distraction - Prevents opponent's Slugs from transforming at velocity (enrages ghouls).
  • Seecon - Slugs will be drawn to wherever it is shot.

Fusion Shots

  • Aquaboost: "Aquabeak"+"Fandango" - TBD. It hasn't officially debuted in the series yet but has been seen in the slugterra Slug It Out app.
  • Light ray (unofficial name): "Boon Doc"+"Fandango" - It creates a giant Healing Pulse that can revive someone's energy.


Fandangos are a support-class Slug. They aren't heavy hitters or defenders and require strategy in order to stand a chance of being useful in any fight beyond a practice duel. The Fandango's inability to directly attack or shield may put it, for some, on par with a Flopper in terms of usefulness.

For the average Slinger, a Fandango is most useful when in a team duel, allowing this Slug to boost the abilities of a partner's Slug. In a multi-Slinger duel, Levelest becomes a viable move for any Slinger, instead of being exclusively useful to Eli Shane when used with his dual blaster. Additionally, Seecon can be used to clear a path for another Slinger's Slug to score a direct attack on an enemy Slinger.

In solo or team duels, Dynoboost can be used semi-passively to boost the abilities of the other Slugs in a Slinger's arsenal. This move is therefore best used early in a fight in order to draw its maximum benefit.

Outside of combat, Fandango Slugs are critical to the health of SlugTerra. Due to their abundance of Slug Energy, wild Fandangos are very important and are, at times, transplanted from their home to other caverns that are in need of more energy in order to survive. Additionally, the Fandango is capable of acting as a beacon for other Slugs. For these reasons, this Slug is likely to be the arsenal of almost every Slinger, even if they are very rarely used in duels.



  • Fandangos are noted for having unusually high levels of Slug energy.
  • In the episode Undertow, When Eli slugs, being trapped the slugs break out one of the slugs seen is a Fandango slug.
  • Eli has a Fandango called Charger.


Opening Burpy Slugs Tormato ghoul

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