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Flaringos are common fire element slugs coloured in red and white. Flaringos are somewhat similar to Infurnus Slugs. At 100mph, they gain a similar appearance to that of a bass (a type of fish). These are common Slugs who are used by many slingers as repetitive artillery. In protoform it can light a small flame, campfire or a candle. Its preferred habitats are lava caverns and fire pits.

A Flaringo is seen inside the Shane Hideout, but it is unknown what its name is and which member of the gang it belongs to, though both Pronto and Trixie have been seen using one in Slugisodes.

A ghouled Flaringo is called a Pyringo.


  • Protoform Abilities - Small flame, can light a campfire or a candle.
  • Blastburst - Small fireball attack.
  • Flameforce - Strafing small fireballs along the ground.
  • Heatsave - Sustained fire blast that can melt ice.
  • Sparkomet - Mid-sized fireball with burning sparks flying off it in all directions.


The Flaringo is the common Slinger's version of the Infurnus. The two Slug breeds possess very similar moves and the Flaringo is, in essence, a watered-down version of its Ultra Rare cousin.

That said, the Flaringo is, in and of itself, not a bad Slug at all.  It's move set allows for a wide range of use, though its damage area is faily limited by the small size of its attacks. Sparkomet is the Flaringo's wideest-ranging attack, meant for a single enemy but with a chance of causing collateral damage from the smaller sparks.


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