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Flopper slugs. This boneless, dimwitted powerless waste of space are the embarrassment of the slug species.
Pronto to Noodle
Flopper Splat


Burpy and floppers

Burpy, Noodle, and another Flopper

Floppers are the weakest type of Slugs. Their element is unknown. They are very lazy. They can shoot a trail of smoke behind them like a Flatulorhinkus. They don't transform but they are useful in a pinch such as when you don't have a Slug.  Upon contact, Floppers produce a splat of slime. Eli has one named Noodle that he uses in the episode "Roboslugs". One popular use for Floppers is accuracy training or sparring, as it can't actually hurt an opponent.

Flopper Jest Słodki

A famous Flopper is Noodle, who belongs to Eli Shane.

Another famous Flopper is Old Timer, who belongs to Sally.

A ghouled version of Flopper has not yet been seen in the show.


  • Stab Fire:You can shoot it in someone's blaster. So, when they fire it,the slug inside the blaster will backfire, therefore attacking its own owner.
  • Stretching: As seen in a Slugisode, Floppers can be stretch into useful things like tripwire, or to tie someone or something.
  • Slippery: As seen in a slugisode, Floppers are extremely slippery, so you can slip someone up by throwing a Flopper in their way so they slip and fall.



Flopper in proto (and only) form

  • Eli says,"All slugs are useful. Even Floppers." in "The World Beneath Our Feet part 1", to Pronto when he was practising against Kord.
  • 'Flopper' is sometimes used as a catch-all phrase for any slug perceived to be useless in combat.
  • In "The Journey Home" it seems that many slugs take offense to being called a Flopper.
  • Dr. Blakk used to own a Flopper.
  • Floppers make a squeaking sound when squeezed, so they are the SlugTerran equivalent of a whoopee cushion. Except they don't like being sat on.


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