A Fusion Blaster is a Blaster specifically designed to fire a Fusion Shot. It is also the only blaster owned by the "Unbeatable Master", Shanai, which was broken when Eli Shane used it because the energy of the fusion of Burpy and Joules are extremely powerful. There are only two made of this kind the other was made by Redhook and Kord Zane for Eli Shane.


A fusion blaster can fire two slugs in a single shot. It requires a special Vitalis Crystal to work (as mentioned by Red hook in "The Hard Part").


  • The crystal used in the blaster was mined to extinction, the last one being fitted inside an air filter. This forced the Shane Gang to travel to the scrap heap a junkyard cavern, having to fight Boss Ember and his Scrap Force, a gang who has taken residence there.

Fusion Blasters

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