The Gattling Omnishot Ultimate aka the Gattler is a powerful blaster that can rapid fire multiple slugs or ghouls at once. The Gattler is known to hold at least twenty Slugs, and it also supports an additional six barrels clipped behind both sides of the fusion core.

More Gattlers are created in Slugterra: Into the Shadows by Tad, but they are now smaller, lighter and easier to carry around. Tad's Gattler has an accelerator equipped at the fusion core.


A Gattler is a fully automated Slug blaster that looks and acts much like a Gatling gun. It is capable of firing Slugs faster than blasters can, but its larger size makes it too heavy for most slingers to lift. To negate this issue, the Gattler can be attached to a stationary base, turning it into something very much like a gun turret.


  • It's unknown how the Gattler is reloaded; it either uses racks or it needs to be reloaded with several single barrels.


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