Geoshards are Slugs that attack through crystallization. They are mainly yellow, with a light green back, covered in pastel green crystals. Upon hitting 100 mph, it becomes a larger,more vicious-looking version of itself. It is able to create a projectile that crystallizes the target on contact.

Using it in a duel is risky since it is cabable of crystallizing a person's insides, as well as the outside. If this happens, the victim is likely to die if hit in the wrong place. However, the effects can be reversed by having a Slyren use Operattack. It's power type is Crystallizer slug. Their native cavern is The Crystal Cavern.


  • Protoform Abilities - Can briefly and safely crystallize itself in protoform, making it rock hard and impervious to harm.
  • Crystallist - Cyrstalizes your opponent's body, rendering them unable to move. If not used carefully, it can also crystallize your opponent's internal organs, leading to serious bodily harm.
  • Domenator - Creates a nearly impervious crystal dome of protection around a person or object.


The Geoshard is a defensive slug. It only has two moves and thus its use is limited in battles, unless a slinger is geared towards the more strategic. Crystallist can be used to quickly and effectively immobilize an opponent. However, this usage is rarely adopted as for inexperienced slugslingers, there is a risk in potentially injuring and/or killing the opponent, even if it is unintentionally or intentionally. Hence, most slugslingers will only use this move to create a wall of crystals for protection or any other objects for other purposes like a surfboard for surfing.

Domenator could be one of the best defensive moves out there, as it creates a nearly impervious dome. It is capable in withstanding the attack blow from a Grimmstone's Batterup and a Hop Rock's Sploder. Though, the crystals can be shattered if many slugs or ghouls are fired at once, or from the attack of a Slyren slug.

Fusion Shots

  • Magnashard - "Geoshard" + "Slicksilver" - TBD. It hasn't officially appeared in the show yet.



  • One was seen being ghouled in "Dark as Night". Its ghouled version, offically debuts in Get Pronto.
  • The Gentleman aims Dana at her belt, in which the Geoshard only crystalizes her outer body. The belt could have acted as a barrier for Dana to prevent the Geoshard from crystalizing her inner organs.
  • When the Shane Gang saved Dana after being crystalized, Kord is worried that her heart or brain may be crystalized. This hints that aiming a Geoshard at the heart or the brain can be fatal.


Opening Burpy Slugs Tormato ghoul

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