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Goon Doc

ST SG SLUGS GoonDocProto

ST SG SLUGS GoonDocVeloTrail

The Goon

The Goon at Velocity 2

Famous Ghoul(s) The Goon
Normal Version Boon Doc
Owner(s) Dr. Blakk
Dark Slinger (unofficial name & former owner)
Element Dark shadow Dark Shadow
Rarity Uncommon Uncommon
First Appearance "The Unbeatable Master"

Goon Doc is the Ghouled version of the Boon Doc. A Goon Doc is the exact opposite of a Boon Doc, since the Boon Doc heals and the Goon Doc kills. The Goon Doc made its debut in the episode "The Unbeatable Master". A Mega Morphed Goon doc appears on the poster for the Slugterra movie Ghoul From Beyond.

Dr. Blakk's Goon Doc killed Shinai.


  • Protoform Abilities - Makes people feel ill when standing nearby.
  • Medusi - Poison attack that will slow an opponent down for a short period of time.
  • Creepsleep - Poison paralysis drops opponent into a temporary coma.
  • Turncloak - Emits a ball of dark light that creates a zombie-like feral state. Slingers will start attacking allies.
  • Ghoulgoyle - Hits an opposing slug and uses dark energy to transform them into a ghoul.
  • leachfang -Kills the oppenent by using this.
  • Ghoul Senses (unofficial name) - the ability to sense the ghouling process
  • Ghoul Mind (unofficial name) - the ability to temporarily paralysis a person, while the Goon Doc takes full control of the person, and gives them a ghoulish appearance. Ghoul From Beyond raises questions about Goon Docs... can they all do this? And is slinging optional for this ability?


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