Goon Doc are the Ghouled versions of the Boon Doc slugs. They would first appear in the episode "The Unbeatable Master, used by Dr. Blakk too kill Shanai. Later a possibly Megamorphed and unique one would appear as the main villain in the first two movies, Slugterra: Ghoul from Beyond and Slugterra: Return of the Elementals, but with powers of no other slug.

A famous Goon Doc referred to as "The Goon" was created by The Emperor, but aside from that he doesn't seem to have had any owner.

Another Goon Doc that has been seen in the series, but isn't famous, was the one that Dr. Blakk shot and killed Shanai with.


  • Protoform Abilities
    • Makes people feel ill when standing nearby
    • for more see "The Goon"
  • Medusi - A poison attack that will slow an opponent down for a short period of time.
  • Creepsleep - Poison paralysis drops opponent into a temporary coma.
  • Turncloak - Emits a ball of dark light that induces a zombie-like feral state. Slingers will begin to attack allies.
  • Ghoulgoyle - Hits an opposing slug and uses dark energy to transform them into a ghoul.
  • Leachfang - A poisonous bite drains the opponent of their health and worsens internal ailments.
  • Darkcloak (unofficial name) - see "The Goon"



  • A total of two Goon Docs have been seen in the series; One being a Blakk Industries manufactured Goon Doc that resides in Slugterra, while the other is from The Eastern Caverns (referred to as "The Goon").
  • Even though the Goon Doc slug is in fact a ghouled version of a Boon Doc slug, the popular slug "Doc", as is found in Return of the Elementals is the Energy Elemental. It left some people questioning what a Boon Doc/Goon Doc slug is if "Doc" is the Energy Elemental?


Goon Doc/Gallery

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