Guardian Gates are magical barriers which prevent things infused with Dark Energy from passing through them.


These gates are magical barriers that were created by the Shadow Clan to prevent the evil things that lie beneath from passing through and require the special energy of Guardian Slugs to power them.


So far there's known to be two Guardian Gates:

  1. There's one located at the bottom of The Great Abyss in The 99 Caverns
  2. There's another located somewhere in Peach Blossom Spring Cavern in The Eastern Caverns



  • There must be at least one slug from each of the 12 (main) Elements to seal the portal. However in "The Fall of the Eastern Champion", Junjie says the gate needs 11 slugs.
  • The gates can be broken if the energy is out of balance; if there's to many Ghouls.
  • In "The Return of the Eastern Champion", the Eastern Caverns' guardian gate known uses 4 of the Elemental Slugs.
    • And it possibly uses only the 4 Elementals now, instead of using a total of "11" slugs.



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