The Guardian Pro-Fire XT was one of two blasters made by Redhook for The Shanes.


The Guardian Pro-Fire XT, along with the Defender Slipstream XVL, were both specially made blasters for the Shanes by the famous slingersmith, Redhook. But before this blaster be in the possession of the beloved hero Will Shane, the blaster once belonged to his uncle Jimmo Shane, who had it until he passed it down to Will and retired. From then on Will Shane used the blaster for years, however after his encounter Dr. Blakk and his new weapon, both Will and the blaster went missing for years until The Goon resurfaced with Will and the blaster, with new appearances. However, the blaster was later destroyed at the hands of Dr. Blakk.


  • Jimmo Shane may be the first Shane to own this blaster.
  • Before being passed down to Will Shane, the blaster don't have white strips along the top and bottom.

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