The Harbinger Firestorm is a blaster that Dr. Blakk owns and customized. Using this blaster, Dr. Blakk can fire Ghouls more rapidly than other slingers can. This unique blaster features three extra Ghoul tubes attached underneath the ammo feed, allowing the user four shots before reloading, compared to most blasters needing to be reloaded after each shot.


  • The Harbinger Firestorm was the first blaster to fire a Ghoul.
  • This blaster was Dr. Blakk's second blaster.
  • This blaster was formerly Viggo Dare's.
  • Dana Por stole the Harbinger Firestorm in "The Gentleman and the Thief".
  • This Blakk's main blaster, prior to having a Gattler and when he isn't utilizing his Gattler.


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