Heaven's Pillar Cavern is a luscious jungle type cavern in The Eastern Caverns that appeared in Second Chances.


Heaven's Pillar Cavern is a pretty green and lush jungle cavern in comparison to most caverns found in the Eastern Caverns while under the Emperor's control. It's unknown what the cavern may have underwent before the Emperor's defeat, but after the Shane Gang freed the Eastern Caverns from his rule, this cavern would live a short lived freedom until Jonny Man would be assigned to this cavern and continue with his duties as an Underlord.


  • Second Chances (First appearance) -
    While the residents celebrate their liberation and the Emperor's defeat, Jonny Man interrupts, and starts attacking and stealing their slugs for the Dai-Fu. And when the Shane Gang is called in, it would led to a mecha back chase for freeing the captured slugs.



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