Trailer - The 'Will Shane'

A Hologram is technology that displays a 3D message unlike screens they do not have backgrounds. Enigmos can store recorded holographic messages.


Holograms are used for multiple purposes such as used to represent a person or object and would be completely visible. The Game Master used Slug Energy to create Holograms to talk to and watch his victims try to win his challenges.

Will Shane recorded a hologram of himself for Eli Shane in case he wasn't around to explain what is causing all the slugs to turn into ghouls (the Elemental Slugs and their locations) and it also has a limited number of prerecorded answers to a few questions.

Jonny Man contacted Lady Dai-Fu in Heaven's Pillar Cavern via Red Hologram so he could inform her that stealing slugs in on progress.

The Shadow Clan showed Eli a message, of a recording from his father Will Shane to wish him a 16-birthday knowing even though he won't be there.



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