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Hop Jack is the Ghouled version of the Hop Rock. These Ghouls are gray, and have brown backs with yellow bulbs. The Hop Jack also comes in a blue and red-coloured form, which is stronger than the brown and yellow version. At 100mph, they emit a high pitched screech, and become a sickly yellow, with a blue, spiky helmet. They also have pointed teeth, claws and a clubbed tail covered in thick spikes. Hop Jacks are more explosive than their normal counterpart and are commonly used by Dr. Blakk's henchmen.


  • Protoform Abilities - Firecrackers.
  • Skizzler - Sizzles as it flies, producing a medium-sized explosion.
  • Blastfield - Lays small sparking balls as a proximity mine field - an opponent's first trip causes a chain reaction.
  • Shrieknel - Explodes in front of an opponent- one large explosion followed by multiple smaller blasts.
  • Blastrap - Morphs into smaller balls to form a floating explosive minefield around an opponent.



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