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Hop Rock

Opening HopRock

HopRock transformmatte

Megamorph-Hop Rock

MM Skałowca

Famous Slug(s) Rocky
Ghoul Version Hop Jack
Owner(s) Most Slugslingers
Preferred Habitat(s)
  • High
Power Type(s) Exploder slug
Element Fire Fire
Rarity Common Common
Series-Debut SlugTerra
Episode-Debut "The World Beneath Our Feet Part 1"
Movie-Debut "Ghoul from Beyond"

Hop Rocks are Fire element Slugs that are often used as explosive ammunition. They are found in Quiet Lawn Cavern.  They are similar to Grenuke Slugs except that the Hop Rocks have a different color scheme.

A famous Hop Rock is Rocky, who belongs to Eli Shane.

A ghouled Hop Rock is called a Hop Jack.


  • Protoform Abilities - Small burst like fire crackers.
  • Sploder - Medium explosion.
  • Meta Mine - Lays a visible field of glowing proximity mines to stop Slugs or opponents crossing the area.
  • Scrapnel - Explodes in flight creating a burst of glowing hot shrapnel.
  • MetalShard - Explodes in mid-air shooting needle-like shards that trap an opponent against a wall.

Fusion Shots


  • Rock Armour: "Hop Rock"+"Rammstone" - The Rammstone will increase in size, and get plated in Hop Rock armour.


Hop Rocks are one of the most commonly used Slugs in SlugTerra, especially when it comes to battling.  In addition to being a common Slug, and therefor easy to acquire, Hop Rocks have a solid moveset.  Even an inexperienced Hop Rock can do serious damage with a Sploder move, dealing a solid hit to a single opponent or damaging the surrounding terrain.  With Meta Mine, a Hop Rock can control the battle field, which is excellent for any Slinger whose style tends more towards the strategic.  Upon learning Scrapnel, a Hop Rock also becomes an excellent option for duels where more than two Slugs are in play at any given time, since the Hop Rock can deal damage to multiple targets with a single move.



  • Hop Rock about to be Ghouled.
  • Billy's Hop Rocks, about to be Ghouled.
  • Hop Rock megamorph

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