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The Hoverbug first made its appearance in the episode Mecha Mutiny. In protoform it can travel extremely fast whilst leaving a streak of blue light behind it. It has blue skin with wings that are purple with turquoise spots. When transformed, it looks like a pteranodon with no legs and a beak and can fly faster then while it is in protoform. It has the ability to fly at a remarkable speed, has a screech power and can fly in most winds. Its element is wind and lives in Deadrop Cavern and Wind Farm Cavern.

The ghouled version of Hoverbug is called Hoverblade.


  • Prottoform Abilities - Extremely fast flyer, can carry messages.
  • Screwball - Grabs an opponent and carries them off in a dizzying corkscrew flight path.
  • Heatstreaker - Visual targeting and heat sensing, can find any opponent or his Slug over long distances.
  • Speedling - Flies in fast, dizzying circles around an opponent, slashing at them with its wings.
  • Outtathere - Picks up a Sluglsinger and whisks them out of danger.


Zipper Proto form

Mecha Mutiny


  • it was previously called the Zipper Slug but its true name was discovered by Radioactive ion to which we give a special thanks.
  • Despite the only slug can fly in protoform, the Air Elemental also can fly in Protoform.
  • The slug was never seen ghouled until in "Return of the Elementals" when the Air Elemental Slug was ghouled as all the air slug were ghouled.
  • It is said it can reach velocity all by itself.


Hover Bugs are small blue slugs. They have small wihite tummies and their wings are pink and aqua. Like the Air Elemental, It can fly in protoform. They also have one brown eye, although when it reaches velocity, it's eye turns green.


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