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Opening Burpy

Burpy transformmatte2



Juju Protoform

Juju Mega Morph Velocity Form

Famous Slug(s)
Ghoul Version Darkfurnus
Owner(s) Will Shane (Formerly)
Eli Shane
Dr. Blakk (Formerly)
Preferred Habitat(s)
  • Lava lakes
  • Fire pits
Power Type(s) A powerful fire slug
Element Fire Fire
Rarity Ultra rare Ultra Rare
Series-Debut SlugTerra
Episode-Debut "The World Beneath Our Feet Part 1"
Movie-Debut "Ghoul from Beyond"

The Infurnus is a fiery species of slug. Infurnus can survive falling into molten lava. These slugs are empowered with the element of fire. In its protoform it can create a small flame, good for light in dark spots, signal flares, and lighting a campfire. Its preferred habitat is the Cinder Rapids. Eli Shane owns an Infurnus, whom he calls Burpy, which is one of his favourite slugs, the other two being Joules and Doc. When it hits 100 mph, it takes on the characteristics of a phoenix-dragon hybrid. The Infurnus slug's aura seems to be compatible with many other types of slug auras, this is shown when Burpy was able to do fusion shots with many different slugs

A famous Infurnus is Burpy, who belongs to Eli Shane.

Another famous Infurnus is Juju, who belong to Junjie.

A ghouled Infurnus is called a Darkfurnus.


An Infurnus slug's appearance stands up to the name. They are dark orange in color with yellow and tan color markings. They have a small flame patterned belly which is colored tan. They also have two antennae at the top of their heads, with yellow tips on them. Infurnus slugs have small two tipped flame on top of their heads, going down which is colored yellow. In its protoform it looks like a flaringo, the only difference is the color scheme . When it hits 100 mph, it takes on the characteristics of a phoenix dragon hybrid. When it transforms, it's tail and wings are on fire. In one image, Burpy's wings are turned into fists.

Burpy's Wings turn into Fists!


  • Protoform Abilities - Small flame, good for light in dark spots, signal flares, lighting a camp fire.
  • Flashfire - Shoots a small to medium fireball.
  • Beatwave - Hits the ground surrounded by a giant fireball, knocking opponents back.
  • Heatshield - Stops in mid-air, flame wings spread out and projects a protective wall of fire.
  • Spikescorch - Extremely hot micro-comet projectile, good for piercing stone or steel.
  • Flamespire - Spiral rings of fire surround an opponent.
  • Novaclaw - Creates an exploding, fiery path.
  • Wingburst - Stops in air with wings wide open and showers foe with fiery strafing.

Fusion Shot


  • Novabolt: "Infurnus"+"Tazerling" - Forms an ionized plasma blast engulfed in flames.
  • NitroBubble: "Infurnus"+"Bubbaleone" - Forms a flaming bubble it functions like a high speed hot air balloon which can go in any direction.
  • InfernoSlam: "Infurnus"+"Rammstone" - Once launched, the Slugs will spin around each other, leading to a Rammstone with blazing horns.
  • Supernova: "Infurnus"+"Phosphoro" - The slugs spin, and while the Phosphoro starts lighting up, the Infurnus boosts the light.
  • MagmaStrike: "Infurnus"+"Armashelt" - The slugs launch a flaming boulder.

Defective Combos

  • TiringPulse: "Infurnus"+"AquaBeek" - Tiring pulse that tires out all normal slugs in the area. .


  • It seems that Infurnuses can control their heat, as Eli Shane rode one without experiencing any pain, despite the Infurnus's wings were still burning.
  • There is only one Infurnus for every "set of Caverns" which belong to the protector/champion of their " Caverns". Eli protects the 99 Caverns of Slugterra and Junjie protects the Eastern Caverns.
  • In "A Distant Shore" Gar states that "Only one person has such a specimen!"
    • This, of course, was before Ghoul From Beyond, where Juju made his first appearance.
  • Infurnus is the first slug species to be seen as a Mega Morph



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