Slugball Championships

Intercavern Slugball, or Slugball for short, is a famous sport in SlugTerra that a lot of people enjoy playing and watching. In the episode "Slugball" it is shown that you play slugball by using mecha-beasts and hoverboards to avoid the players on the opposing team and the traps on their side of the playing field to get the ball through a floating hoop to earn points. Players can also use slugs-- unlike in mecha races -- and shoot them to stop a player or snatch the ball from them.  Slugball is a game of skill and teamwork.   

Known Slugball Teams


  • Kord loves playing Slugball.
  • The whole Shane Gang have played Slugball and won.
  • Primo Presto tried to rig the final rounds of the Slugball championship games and almost caused Kord to get shreded by one of the traps in the game.
  • Dr. Blakk was a new sponsor for the Slugball Championships, and he bought the Blade City Brutes team.