In the 99 Caverns, you can do Jobs for Gold or Slugs, such as Security, Racing and Slugball.

List of Jobs

  • Security Slinging - These Slugslingers work as mall cops, but these heroes in blue also serve and protect wherever there's trouble.
  • Prison Guarding - These slingers guard prisons like Stalagmite 17 and make sure that prisoners stay locked up.
  • Gain Hunting - These slingers don't care about right & wrong, all they care about is getting the job done and getting their pay.
  • Racing - Whether your a slinger or not, it doesn't matter cause these guys just race to win earnings. But slinging can be helpful if you know how to use them.
  • Slugball player - These slingers play a sport called "Slugball".
  • Slingersmithing - These people work on making, fixing and upgrading slinger's Blasters.
  • Engineering - These guys work on building, fixing and upgrading Mecha-Beasts.
  • Mining - These people work in mining caverns, digging for gold and/or Lumino Ore, Dark Water or Auroris Crystals.
  • Retailing - These people sell a variety of things for gold, or for your slugs.
  • Leading - These people are in charge of running and maintaining order in their society/cavern.
  • Judging - These people are in charge over court proceedings.
  • Exploring - These people do their jobs in exploring the caverns and leading people to expeditions for gold and fame.
  • Researching - These people do their jobs in researching, inventing or innovating.

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