Joules is the name of a Tazerling slug who used to belong to Shockwire. Eli Shane won Joules from him after defeating him in his first duel. He is a happy go lucky, excitable slug who is almost always in a good mood. Joules is the third slug Eli obtained (the second being Noodle). Joules is the second favourite of Eli Shane. Joules is the best friend of Burpy and second in command of Eli's slug army. He is shown to have a habit of or to enjoy shocking others especially Rookie.


Joules debuts in The World Beneath Our Feet Part 1, where Eli wins him from Shockwire. He is used in various rounds in the tournament in the second episode, The World Beneath Our Feet Part 2. Joules was traded in the third episode by Eli to exchange for some improved gear and blasters. Joules was sent to Dr. Blakk, but he was freed when he uses his protoform attack to escape. He lost to Blakk's Amperling in the episode. In the episode Shadows and Light, he used his Tazercoil attack to shock Locke and Lode.

He also has his own slugisode and also had seen with other slugs in the several episode in the series.

Known Moves

Normal Slug

  • Protoform Abilities - Small jolt of electricity.
  • Tazerbolt - Slug is surrounded by a ball of electrical arcs; gives a proximity zap.
  • Tazercoil - Latches on to opponent and shocks them repeatedly on impact.
  • Circuit Burst - Shot directly at equipment, short circuits blaster/mod parts
  • Tazerwing - Shoots lightning strike from its tazer horns, burning the target and the ground around it
  • Slugshield - Electric defense screen shock slugs shot through it
  • Quetzalbolt - Lightning storm ,strafe,wind and arcing explosions

Ghoul Slug

  • Protoform Abilities - Small zap of electricity.
  • Amperjolt - Zaps the opponent with darkly powerful electric arcs.

Fusion Shots


  • Novabolt: "Joules"+"Burpy" - This shot forms an ionized plasma blast engulfed in flames.
  • ElectroSpear: "Joules"+"Mucky" - Once the slugs start spinning, electrified needles are then shot out.



Opening Burpy Slugs Tormato ghoul

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