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This is a list of Slugterra episodes, an Canadian/American animated television series created by Asaph Fipke. It premiered on Disney XD on October 15, 2012, at 3:30 PM ET. The series is produced by the Canadian animation studio Nerd Corps Entertainment.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 13 October 15th, 2012 November 1st, 2012
2 12 February 11th, 2013 July 5th, 2013
3 14 July 1, 2013 October 19, 2013
4 13 TBA TBA

Season 1 (2012)

Series # Season # Title Original air date Prod. Code

01 01 "The World Beneath Our Feet Part 1" October 15th, 2012 101
Will Shane is the Beacon of Justice in Slugterra. He disappears when Dr. Blakk uses a Tempesto in a duel. He tells Burpy (an Infurnus slug), his slug, to find Eli and give him a letter. Eli is 15 years old and goes to Slugterra for the first time. He gets gear, a blaster and a Mecha Beast which he names Lucky from his father's hideout and meets Pronto (a proud and knowledgeable molenoid tracker). Later he meets Beatrice Trixie Sting who saves him from a slug slinger. Trixie was shooting a documentary on Slugterra to put up on the Slugnet. Eli joins a slug slinging Tournament. He has to fight Shockwire, a slinger who uses only Tazerling slugs in the qualification round. Pronto finds a Cave Troll Slinger (They are the best engineers in Slugterra) named Kord Zane for practising for the round. He also gets a bunch of Floppers (The weakest slugs in Slugterra). In the qualification round, Shockwire repeatedly uses Tazerlings. One of his Tazerlings backfire and Eli gets advantage and wins the round. As per the rules, he gets a Tazerling and names it Joules.

Featured Slug(s): Infurnus (Burpy)

02 02 "The World Beneath Our Feet Part 2" October 16th, 2012 102
Eli Shane wins all the rounds in the tournament and along the way gets new slugs. He is offered a chance to join Dr. Thaddius Blakk, an evil scientist who works on ghouling slugs. He rejects it and gets ready for the finals. For the finals, he has to fight John Bull, a powerful slug slinger. John Bull is given a Tempesto slug (Ghouled Tormato) by Dr. Blakk to defeat Eli. Eli has the advantage in the battle, but when John Bull uses the Tempesto and defeats Eli.

Featured Slug(s): Infurnus Featured Ghoul(s): Tempesto

03 03 "The Trade" October 17th, 2012 103
The gang runs into a slinger with ghoul slugs and are defeated by him. They return home to a destroyed hideout. In order to replace all the gear destroyed at the hideout and in the battle against the slinger, they have to get new gear and a few upgrades. To buy all the gear, Eli has to trade Joules. On the way back home, Eli decides to get his slug back and goes to the shop. The Shopkeeper refuses about the refund. Eli and the gang go to the back side of the shop where they found Joules. They also ran into one of Blakk's men named Diablos El Nacho. They fight and the gang is defeated. So they head to Blakk's Headquarters to get Joules. In the process, they also free the other slugs trapped. Eli gets Jolues and duels Blakk. As Blakk and his men were too strong, the gang escapes to the hideout.

Featured Slug(s): Tazerling (Joules)

04 04 "The Slugout" October 18th, 2012 104
The gang were looking for Frostcrawler slugs. Due to Pronto's mistake, all the slugs fall and reach velocity. All the slugs transforming at the same time creates an ice hazard. The gang escapes and a Frostcrawler follows Eli. He names it Chiller. When escaping, Eli blaster is destroyed. Kord says that only Red Hook can fix his blaster. So they go to Quiet Lawn Cavern, home of Red Hook. The Cavern is located under a bunch of Grenuker slugs which is a problem for the Cavern people. The Cavern is threatened by Billy, Shorty, and Glasses who are members of the Hooligang, the official employees of Dr. Blakk. Eli defeats Billy in a Trick Shot Competition. Billy only has a Boon Doc slug who doesn't know what it does. He thinks it useless and releases it but Eli recruits it into his team and names it Doc. Billy seeks Dr. Blakk for Ghoul slugs and returns with vengeance. Mean while, Eli gets a new blaster from Red Hook and faces the Hooligang. In the battle, Eli knows what a Boon Doc slug does. It heals ghoul slugs.

Featured Slug(s): Frostcrawlers {Chiller}, Grenukes {Sparky}, Boon Doc (Doc)

05 05 "Deadweed" October 19th, 2012 105
Eli and the gang enter the Deadweed cavern, an old abandoned mine shaft for Frightgeist slugs. They get ambushed by the miners who turned into ghosts by Dark Water. They discover that Blakk uses Dark Water to turn normal slugs into ghouls. They run into Nacho once again and duel him. The miners help the gang to fight Nacho. So he escapes with a large quantity of dark water. The effects of dark water wear off the miners and they turn into normal people. In the process, Eli and Trixie get Frightgeist slugs. Eli names his Spooker.

Featured Slug(s): Frightgeists {Spooker}

Featured Ghoul(s): Nightgeist

06 06 "The Slug Run" October 22nd, 2012 106
After watching a commercial for the Slugterra "Slug Run" Eli immediately wants to join it despite Kord's warning that the race is for experienced Mecha beast riders. As Eli and Pronto enter the cavern, Pronto sees an infamous mole called Sedo who he calls his "Life.Long.Nemesis" even though he has never heard of Pronto. Just as the race begins a new racer, Vance Volt, joins at the last second and during the race Eli both saves and gains aid from him even though Vance is working for Blakk. They both are chased by the shadow clan and crystal worms. They escape somehow and Vance bolt wins the race. Eli comes in second place. The reward is a rare Crytalyd slug. Only one surfaces every 100 years. Vance bolt gives it to Eli. But it is taken away by Sedo who works for Blakk. Pronto takes the Crystalyd and uses it against Sedo. The slug digs a deep hole and Sedo falls into it. Vance teaches some new moves to the gang.

Featured Slug(s): Crystalyd (Digger), Arachnet (Spinner)

07 07 "Shadows and Light" October 23rd, 2012 107
The Shane gang interrupts an attack, caused by two of Dr. Blakk's employees Locke and Lode, on a shipment of Fandango slugs which are needed to revive Bullseye Cavern after the native slugs fled out of the place due to dark water. While the gang heads to the cavern Eli learns that slug energy powers many, if not all, of Slugterra's caverns. Locke and Lode follow and cause a cave in that results in the gang traveling through Shadow Clan territory, which leads to a chase deeper into their territory (thanks to Pronto) and a face off between one of the clan and Eli trying to reason with it. Just as the Clan is ready to attack Burpy starts chirping frantically and the Shadow Clan lets them pass, leaving Eli to wonder what did Burpy say and why did they listen to only him? After finally reaching the cavern and introduce the Fandangos to their new home, the slugs run away from something and before they could figure it out Locke and Lode make a smashing entrance. Eli and Kord face off against Locke and Lode, while Pronto hunts down the Fandangos and Trixie looks for the source of the slugs fear which is in the bullseye. After beating troublesome duo, Trixie informs the boys that the slugs are running from Dark Water that is seeping out from the cavern's monument so Eli asks Doc if he can handle that much to purify to which he replies with a serious and pumped look. As Doc tries to clean the Dark Water, he begins to lose steam just at that moment Pronto arrives with one fandango, which Eli says is enough to give Doc a boost and it does! Now the Dark Water is purified and the Fandangos and native slugs finds some new places to roost, the gang wonders how many other caverns are starting to be infected with Dark Water and what ever happened to Locke and Lode. They ran to regroup and question if they should now inform Blakk, just when Shadow Clan arrive and chase them.

Featured Slug(s): Fandango, Boon Doc (Doc)

08 08 "Dawn of the Slug" October 24th, 2012 108
The gang is very tired in enforcing Slugterra, so the gang head for a mall to relax, play games, and buy a new bag for Pronto. When they arrive, they are chased by zombies. They are aided by a mall slinger and try to find the cause for zombies in the mall. Pronto is taken to Mr. Saturday by the zombies. He is also turned into a zombie by Mr. Saturday who uses a Cryptogriff (Ghouled Hypnogriff). The gang defeats him and the Cryptogriff is cured by Doc. All the zombies including Pronto return to their original state. Mr. Saturday is sent to mall jail.

Featured Slug(s): Hypnogrif (Dazer), Boon Doc (Doc)

Featured Ghoul(s): Cryptogrif

09 09 "Club Slug" October 25th, 2012 109
The gang decides to sign up for a weekend camp called Club slug in an effort to learn a number of new moves without having to do all of the hard work. The camp director takes all their slugs except Eli's and puts them in a machine which shoots them continuously all day. Eli doesn't believe at first but when Kord's Rammstone defeats Eli's Banger (an Armashelt) he sends only Banger into the machine. But when it comes out, it looks very tired as it is losing steam. Eli refuses to the Camp director. So he and the other slingers who have joined the camp fight the gang. In the process, Eli's Banger destroys the machine.

Featured Slug(s): Thresher (Butch), Armashelt (Banger)

10 10 "Endangered Species" October 26th, 2012 110
On a very slow and painful day (thanks to Pronto's home cooking) Trixie talks the gang into a slug hunt for the rare and near-extinct Enigmo slug. As they arrive they find out that they aren't the only ones hunting for the Enigmo, minus one couple waiting to simply buy it. Eli and his gang try to talk the other hunters to stop cutting down the forest because it is also destroying the other native slugs habitat, they agree that cutting it down is a bad idea and decide to simply smoke the Enigmo out with Flaringos. During the fight between them, Eli stumbles onto a deadly slug trap and a slug about to fall in it! Eli quickly saves it and returns to the dueling area to tell the hunters off for how dangerous their traps are and how the slug was almost seriously hurt. To Eli's surprise Trixie reveals that the slug he saved IS the Enigmo, at that moment the true owner of the trap, a feared slug hunter named Stocker, who demands the Enigmo and the trap back. When Eli refuses a shoot-out between the gang, Stocker and his slughounds ensues with Eli using the Enigmo and getting hit by it in a backlash, Trixie saves Eli and asks what did the Enigmo look like when it transformed to which he replies he wouldn't know cause his vision became distorted. Now the gang must find the slug, evade Stocker and his hounds and guide Eli around, during the hunt for the slug each member tries to save it from one trap after another since it seems to enjoy playing near or on them. Kord gets shot with a hundred slug tranquilizes, Trixie is caught in a cage and Pronto gets caught in a pit trap (ironically) leaving Eli to face off against Stocker and his hounds solo. After pulling off some good evasive maneuvers and using Chiller and Spinner to swing away from the hounds only to crash and get cornered by Stocker, who now has the Enigmo. With Eli keeping him busy, Burpy talks one of Stockers slugs to switch with the Enigmo and Stocker hits Eli with the slug and fix his vision. They face off one more time but this time Enigmo hits Stocker causing him to leave in a daze, Eli frees his friends and as they talk about how "eh" the Enigmo's ability is Pronto "accidentally" leads them back to the rich couple where they ask Eli how much he wants but Eli declines since it was such hard work just trying to save him, let alone catch him. So they head back to their Mechas with Pronto still trying to convince Eli to sell the Enigmo.

Featured Slug(s): Enigmo (Mo)

11 11 "Mecha Mutiny" October 29th, 2012 111
The gang is out hunting a very speedy slug(Zipper Slug). During the chase their Mechas malfunction. Back at the hideout Kord tries to figure out what the issue is but he can't. He thinks it might have something to do with the new upgrades he got from his friends back at the forge (a factory of Mecha Beasts) so they head there to have it checked out. When they get there they find that the cave trolls that run the place have been captured and replaced by Blakk's men who are attempting to corrupt the cores of the Mechas.

Featured Slug(s): Hoverbug, Arachnet (Spinner), Boon Doc (Doc)

12 12 "Undertow" October 30th, 2012 112
While riding through the mystifying Flumes, a river that flows beneath Slugterra, the Shane Gang runs into and get captured by Pirate Captain Malvolio Drake. However through smart scheming and an unexpected Blakk Industry ship the gang gets a chance of escape. After dueling Drake and help liberate some captured slugs the gang eventually escape.

Featured Slug(s): Mimkey, Bubbaleone (Suds)

13 13 "Mario Bravado" November 1st, 2012 113
Pronto gets captured for spitting out gum in a part of town that it is illegal to do that so the gang tries to free Pronto and the rest of the prisoners who were punished unjustly, but to do that they need to land a crazy trick shot the first try fails miserably but Kord remembers a master trick shooter Mario Bravado who ran into Doctor Blakk and bet into quitting trick shooting forever and lost so he never did another trick shot again, they found him working in a Pizzeria called Ricochet Pizza because he uses his slug to ricochet of different things and make the pizza. Eli tries to persuade him into helping them with a master trick shot to free Pronto and the rest but instead Mario decides to teach Eli how to trick shoot by making pizza's and ricocheting the slug off different things to make the pizza, he eventually gets it and Mario joins him. Eli finds out that Pronto is on a speeding train heading into a tunnel and has to separate Pronto's wagon from the main express. Eli does a really good trick shot and does it he switches the path of Pronto's wagon but it leads to a dead end and Mario does a crazy trick shots and frees all the prisoners and opens the wagon and all but Pronto make it and pronto is falling to his death when Eli trick shoots a slug that catches Pronto and he lives. Mario goes back to his Pizza job again and Eli thanks him and offers him a place in the team but Mario said not now.

Featured Slug(s): Speedstingers {Stuntz}

Season 2 (2013)

Series # Season # Title Original air date Prod. Code
14 01 "The New Kid Part 1" February 11th, 2013 114
While chasing a Blakk grunt the gang is ambushed, but is saved by a new kid named Twist, who then helps free them and cure a mass of ghoul slugs.

Featured Slug(s): Thugglet (Loki), Boon Doc (Doc)

15 02 "The New Kid Part 2" February 12th, 2013 115
Along with Twist, the Shane Gang plan to rob a train carrying a stock of Dr. Blakk's Dark Water.

Featured Ghoul(s): Smugglet {(Loki) Ghoul Slugs}

16 03 "Snowdance" February 13th, 2013 116
While watching a drive-in movie, the Shane Gang get into a fight with the Hooligang, in the heat of battle they awake an Ice Ogre and now must stop it before it hurts anyone.

Featured Slug(s): Slyrens {Dozer}

17 04 "Inheritance" February 14th, 2013 117
The daughter of Will Shane's old partner comes looking for treasure that she believes Will had hid from her father.

Featured Slug(s): Forgesmelter (Torch)

18 05 "A Distant Shore" February 15th, 2013 118
With the help of a Shane journal written by Eli's uncle, a ridiculed adventurer plans to take a trip to the surface and now its up to Eli to stop him without letting the rest of the Shane Gang finding out.

Featured Slug(s): Infurnus (Burpy)

19 06 "The Journey Home" February 19th, 2013 119
Burpy and Eli's other slugs have to get home while avoiding Locke and Lode.

Featured Slug(s): Burpy, Joules, Banger, Spinner, Chiller

20 07 "Roboslugs" February 20th, 2013 120
A scientist makes artificial slugs to duel Eli with.

Featured Slug(s): Roboslug, Flopper (Noodle)

21 08 "The Unbeatable Master" February 21st, 2013 121
Eli and the gang meet with the master of slugging and there is a competition to decide who the next apprentice will be.

Featured Slug(s): Boon Doc (Ping), Negashade (Yang)

Featured Ghoul(s): Goon Doc

22 09 "Deep Water, Dark Water" February 22nd, 2013 122
Eli and his gang have to stop a drill that is in an underwater cavern.

Featured Slug(s): AquaBeeks {Beeker}, MakoBreaker

23 10 "The Gentleman and the Thief" March 25th, 2013 123
Using a stolen Shadow Clan technology, Danna Por can slip in and out of any cavern in Slugterra and rob them blind. But when she makes the mistake of stealing from Dr. Blakk, Eli is the only one who can protect her from The Gentleman, a suave but deadly mercenary Blakk hires to seek vengeance.

Featured Slug(s): Geoshard

24 11 "No Exit" March 26th, 2013 124
Lumino Cavern has been invaded by a swarm of Neurotox ghoul slugs that have created a toxic cloud that’s attacking the residents. The Shane Gang must brave an inescapable maze to locate Blite, the only man who can help them.

Featured Slug(s): Neotox, Vinedrill, Boon Doc (Doc)

Featured Ghoul(s): Neurotox

25 12 "The Hard Part" March 27th, 2013 125
Eli and Kord have been trying to create a fusion shot which consists of two slugs being shot at the same time using both of their powers. In order to make it work, they’ll need to travel to Scrap Heap, a junk yard cavern protected by Boss Ember and his Scrap Force.

Featured Slug(s): Xmitter

Season 3 (2013)

Series # Season # Title Original air date Prod. Code
26 01 "What Lies Beneath" July 1, 2013 126
The Shane Gang are chased to the great chasm where they meet a Shadow Clan member who reveals that the dark forces trapped beneath Slugterra are posing a grave threat to the entire world and are trying to break out. Eli and the rest of the gang volunteer to stop the dark forces. Will they succeed?

Featured Slug(s): Boon Doc {(Doc) Guardian Slug}

Featured Ghoul(s): Darkfurnace {(Burpy) Ghoul Slugs}

27 02 "The Return" July 2, 2013 127
Eli tries a fusion shot on Dr. Blakk's unstoppable train but he uses the wrong slugs and shorts out his gang's slugs. The Shadow Clan confront Eli and teach him how the Enigmo slug has the ability to allow the Slugslinger to see a slugs aura. Eli, learning more about the double barrel-fusion shot, confronts Blakk's and destroys his new Slugterrian Express train.

Featured Slug(s): Enigmo (Mo)

28 03 "Slugball" July 3, 2013 128
Kords' troll friends compete in the Slugball but when they are injured, it's up to the Shane gang to find out why the battle field is infested with high-tech traps, and come out victorious.

Featured Slug(s): Slicksilver

29 04 "King of Sling" July 5, 2013 129
It's up to the Shane gang to help The King duel with Dr. Blakk to save his home cavern.

Featured Slug(s): Infurnus (Burpy)

30 05 "Mission: Improbable" August 17, 2013 130
Pronto and Burpy must save The Shane Gang from prison.

Featured Slug(s): Infurnus (Burpy)

Featured Ghoul(s): Cryptogrif

31 06 "Keys to the Kingdom" August 24, 2013 131
The Shane Gang has to find a Map of Slugterra which shows every Secret Thing In Slugterra before Diablos Nacho gets it who works for Dr. Blakk.

Featured Slug(s): Forgesmelter (Torch)

32 07 "The Thrill of the Game" August 31, 2013 132
The Shane Gang must use every bit of skill they have when they are lured into an elaborate game by a Twisted villain calling himself the Game Master.

Featured Slug(s): Crystalyd (Digger), Arachnet (Spinner), Hoverbug (Bugsy)

33 08 "Lightwell" September 7, 2013 133
Burpy is very sick and Eli has to take Burpy to the Lightwell with the help of his slugs. Will he be able to help Burpy or will Burpy actually die.

Featured Slug(s): Infurnus (Burpy)

Featured Ghoul(s): Photomo

34 09 "It Comes by Night" September 14, 2013 134
When a mysterious creature begins draining the energy from all the slugs in a distant cavern, the residents offer a rich reward to whoever can stop it.

Featured Slugs: Phosphoros {Glimmer}, Hoverbug (Flutter)

35 10 "Upgrade" September 21, 2013 135
The Shane Gang must transport Dr. Blakk to Stalagmite 17 prison.

Featured Slug(s): Infurnus {(Burpy) Mega Morph}

36 11 "Back to Blakk" September 28, 2013 136
While the rest of the Shane Gang defend the perimeter from the legions of Blakk Guards sent to free Dr. Blakk from prison, Eli interrogates the captured villain. Surprisingly, Blakk feels like talking. He reveals where he came from, how and why he discovered ghouls, and, most importantly of all, Eli learns the truth about what happened to his father.

Featured Slug(s): Infurnus (Burpy)

37 12 "Bandoleer of Brothers" October 5, 2013 137
Eli's got a new slug recruit! But in the heat of battle, can this rookie go from frightened novice to the hero of the day?

Featured Slug(s): Infurnus (Burpy), Blastipede (Rookie)

38 13 "Dark as Night" October 12, 2013 138
Dr. Blakk and his Darkbane minions have discovered a way to make their ghouls faster and stronger — giving them an edge over the Shane Gang. In order to even the odds, Eli is going to need his most powerful slugs and an upgraded blaster from Redhook. The only problem is, Dr. Blakk already has the slingersmith working for him... Eli and the gang attempt a daring rescue mission to free Redhook, but along the way discover Blakk has a much more sinister plan in the works...

Featured Ghoul(s): Ghoul Slug {(Mega Morph)}

39 14 "Light as Day" October 19, 2013 139
Dr. Blakk has succeeded in creating a gap in the magical slug-energy barrier that protects Slugterra, opening the way for the evil Darkbane to tunnel their way up from the Deep Caverns. Eli and the Shane Gang must stop this at any cost. Now armed with a selection of upgraded slugs, blasters and armor, they take the battle to Dr. Blakk's front door. While his team slugs it out against Dr. Blakk's minions, Eli takes on Blakk himself once and for all!

Note: This is not the series finial.

Featured Slug(s): Slug {(Mega Morph)}, Boon Doc (Doc)

Season 4

Series # Season # Title Original air date Prod. Code

40 01 "TBA" TBA 140
41 02 "TBA" TBA 141
42 03 "TBA" TBA 142
43 04 "TBA" TBA 143
44 05 "TBA" TBA 144
45 06 "TBA" TBA 145
46 07 "TBA" TBA 146
47 08 "TBA" TBA 147
48 09 "TBA" TBA 148
49 10 "TBA" TBA 149
50 11 "TBA" TBA 150
51 12 "TBA" TBA 151
52 13 "TBA" TBA 152

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