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This is a list of Slugterra episodes, an Canadian/American animated television series created by Asaph Fipke. It premiered on Disney XD on October 15, 2012, at 3:30 PM ET. The series is produced by the Canadian animation studio Nerd Corps Entertainment.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 13 October 15th, 2012 November 1st, 2012
2 12 February 11th, 2013 July 5th, 2013
3 14 July 1, 2013 October 19, 2013
4 13 TBA TBA

Season 1 (2012)

Series # Season # Title Original air date Prod. Code

01 01 "The World Beneath Our Feet Part 1" September 3rd, 2012 101
15-year-old Eli Shane just a regular kid from the suburbs except for one thing: he comes from a long line of Shanes, each of whom has made the journey from the surface to protect Slugterra, and the slugs that make the underground world so special. Now its Eli's turn to be Slugterra's next Shane -- whether he's ready or not! Unfortunately, the slugslinging tournament he enters to prove that he's ready, pretty quickly shows that he's not! So when word of this new Shane reaches the ears of the nefarious Dr. Blakk, he's not too worried... yet.

Featured Slug(s): Infurnus (Burpy)

02 02 "The World Beneath Our Feet Part 2" September 8th, 2012 102
Eli Shane has just arrived in Slugterra and the slugslinging tournament he enters to prove himself quickly reveals that he needs some practice! Now, word of this new Shane has reached the ears of the nefarious Dr. Blakk...

Featured Slug(s): Infurnus

Featured Ghoul(s): Tempesto

03 03 "The Trade" September 15th, 2012 103
The gang has to trade one of Eli's prized his slugs for some new gear, but when Eli has second thoughts and goes back to get his slug, they learn its been sold to Dr. Blakk!

Featured Slug(s): Tazerling (Joules)

04 04 "The Slugout" September 22nd, 2012 104
When the punks in the Hooligang cruise into Quiet Lawn Cavern, they think no one's got the guts to stand up to them so they trash the place. And they're right—until Eli and the Shane Gang come to town!

Featured Slug(s): Frostcrawlers {Chiller}, Grenukes {Sparky}, Boon Doc (Doc)

05 05 "Club Slug" October 19th, 2012 105
The gang signs up for a weekend camp that promises to teach your slugs tons of new moves—without lifting a finger! Eli thinks it sounds too good to be true... and it is. But exposing the truth draws the ire of the camp's director—and half the campers!

Featured Slug(s): Thresher (Butch), Armashelt (Banger)

06 06 "The Slug Run" October 22nd, 2012 106
The Slug Run is the ultimate, off-road, no-holds-barred, cross-cavern MechaBeast race. Unfortunately, the only thing lower than the odds of beating the three-time champ --who's now racing for Dr. Blakk --are the odds of Eli making it to the finish line in one piece!

Featured Slug(s): Crystalyd (Digger), Arachnet (Spinner)

07 07 "Mecha Mutiny" October 23rd, 2012 107
When even Kord can't find a way to fix what's wrong with the new upgrades to the Shane Gang's Mecha Beasts, it's time to go to the source: the wondrous Mecha Forge! Hoping to find the cause of the glitch, the gang instead uncovers a huge conspiracy--hatched by Dr. Blakk!

Featured Slug(s): Hoverbug, Arachnet (Spinner), Boon Doc (Doc)

08 08 "Deadweed" October 24th, 2012 108
Eli doesn't believe in ghosts -- until he enters Deadweed cavern! But it turns out Eli's first instinct was right. What lurks inside Deadweed is far more evil than ghosts, its El Diablus Nacho, after a supply of the dangerous Dark Water that Dr. Blakk uses to turn innocent slugs into Ghouls.

Featured Slug(s): Frightgeists {Spooker}

Featured Ghoul(s): Nightgeist

9 9 "Shadows and Light" October 25th, 2012 109
A short cut takes the Shane Gang through the territory of the Shadow Clan -- and try as they might not to, they are discovered and captured by the mysterious creatures. Just when it looks like our heroes are done for, they are helped out of this jam by a most unlikely savior.

Featured Slug(s): Fandango, Boon Doc (Doc)

10 10 "Mario Bravado" October 26th, 2012 110
Pronto is thrown in jail on trumped-up charges by a corrupt judge, and the only chance to break him out is Eli making a one-in-a-million trick shot. Only one slinger in all of Slugterra can help Eli make a shot like that—Mario Bravado. Finding the formerly-great-but-now-washed-up Mario is easy. Getting him to help is something else entirely.

Featured Slug(s): Speedstingers {Stuntz}

11 11 "Endangered Species" October 29th, 2012 111
Long thought to be merely a legend, an Enigmo Slug has finally been spotted. The bidding is high for this rarest of all slugs, and so is the competition to be the first grab it! Eli and the gang actually beat Slugterra's most vicious slug hunter to the prize--only to find that the hunter is now hunting them!

Featured Slug(s): Enigmo (Mo)

12 12 "Undertow" October 30th, 2012 112
While riding through the mystifying Flumes, a river that flows beneath Slugterra, the Shane Gang runs into and get captured by Pirate Captain Malvolio Drake. However through smart scheming and an unexpected Blakk Industry ship the gang gets a chance of escape. After dueling Drake and help liberate some captured slugs the gang eventually escape.

Featured Slug(s): Mimkey, Bubbaleone (Suds)

13 13 "Dawn of the Slug" November 1st, 2012 113
A fun trip to the mall cavern turns un-deadly when the place is over run by the zombie-like victims of the Zombus slug. With Pronto zombified (not entirely a bad thing, the others kind of like this new, quieter, more monosyllabic Pronto), the rest of the Shane Gang must find the mysterious Mr. Saturday who controls the Zombus slugs -- and find a way to stop him.

Featured Slug(s): Hypnogrif (Dazer), Boon Doc (Doc)

Featured Ghoul(s): Cryptogrif

Season 2 (2013)

Series # Season # Title Original air date Prod. Code
14 01 "The New Kid Part 1" February 11th, 2013 114
The four members of the Shane Gang think they've found the fifth in Twist, a street-smart kid who volunteers his help when the gang needs it most on a mission gone wrong. But Twist harbors a dark secret that could doom the mission — and the Shane Gang.

Featured Slug(s): Thugglet (Loki), Boon Doc (Doc)

15 02 "The New Kid Part 2" February 12th, 2013 115
Along with Twist, the Shane Gang plan to rob a train carrying a stock of Dr. Blakk's Dark Water.

Featured Ghoul(s): Smugglet {(Loki) Ghoul Slugs}

16 03 "Snowdance" February 13th, 2013 116
Avalanched inside a frozen cavern, the Shane Gang can't figure out which is worse: being trapped with a vicious Ice Ogre that only gets bigger the more you shoot it? Or needing to work with The Hooligang to get out?

Featured Slug(s): Slyrens {Dozer}

17 04 "Inheritance" February 14th, 2013 117
A thief breaks into the Shane Gang HQ looking for the fabled "Shane Treasure" — a portion of which she believes belongs to her. The thief escapes with nothing, but Eli does manage to find a treasure chest. To unlock it, the thief and the gang will need to travel to a remote, dangerous cavern to find a special slug. The journey is fraught with peril, and when they finally open the box, what's inside is not at all what they were expecting...

Featured Slug(s): Forgesmelter (Torch)

18 05 "A Distant Shore" February 15th, 2013 118
Notorious con man Gar Rivelle has many convinced he has discovered the way to a secret land... a land that seems to be the surface! Eli uncovers the truth—Gar is getting his information from a coded Shane diary. Keeping the surface secret is Eli's number one mission, so he steals the diary from Gar, sparking an all out siege on the Shane HQ. Eli's friends rally to the defense and turn the invaders away. Eli realizes that for him to continue in Slugterra, he's going to have to confide his greatest secret to his friends.

Featured Slug(s): Infurnus (Burpy)

19 06 "The Journey Home" February 19th, 2013 119
Burpy and Eli's other slugs have to get home while avoiding Locke and Lode.

Featured Slug(s): Burpy, Joules, Banger, Spinner, Chiller

20 07 "Roboslugs" February 20th, 2013 120
A scientist makes artificial slugs to duel Eli with.

Featured Slug(s): Roboslug, Flopper (Noodle)

21 08 "The Unbeatable Master" February 21st, 2013 121
A mysterious slugslinging master appears for the first time in 20 years. Though old, this slinger is an amazing battler—incredibly fast and the master of an unstoppable slinging technique. Eli, Kord, Trixie and Pronto all want to study with the master and learn this awesome move. But so does Dr. Blakk's protégé Twist! Now Eli must face off against Twist and prevent the master from choosing a villain for a student.

Featured Slug(s): Boon Doc (Ping), Negashade (Yang)

Featured Ghoul(s): Goon Doc

22 09 "Deep Water, Dark Water" February 22nd, 2013 122
Blakk has hired Brutale—a thug as brutal as his name—to build a Deep Water Rig to drill for Dark Water at the bottom of the Cavern Sea. Needing some water-breathing labor for the job, Brutale steals Marvolio Drake's reptilian pirate crew. Desperate to get his men back, Drake forms an unlikely alliance with the Shane Gang, who are just as desperate to shut the Dark Water rig down.

Featured Slug(s): AquaBeeks {Beeker}, MakoBreaker

23 10 "The Gentleman and the Thief" March 25th, 2013 123
Using some stolen Shadow Clan tech, Dana Por is able slip in and out of any cavern in Slugterra—and rob them blind! But when she makes the mistake of stealing from Dr. Blakk, Eli is the only one who can protect her from The Gentleman, a suave but deadly mercenary Blakk hires to take back what was stolen from him—and bring back the scalp of the girl who stole it!

Featured Slug(s): Geoshard

24 11 "No Exit" March 26th, 2013 124
Lumino cavern is under attack! A swarm of Neurotox ghoul slugs have created a massive toxic cloud that's attacking the residents. The Shane Gang must brave an inescapable maze called the Cavern of Time to locate Blite, the only man who knows enough about regular Neotox slugs to help them stop the cloud created by the ghouls. Just a few problems with that plan: Blite is a deadly maniac, whose reign of terror ended only after Will Shane trapped him in the Cavern of Time. All these years, Blite has been dreaming of getting revenge on the Shane. So Eli better be ready!

Featured Slug(s): Neotox, Vinedrill, Boon Doc (Doc)

Featured Ghoul(s): Neurotox

25 12 "The Hard Part" March 27th, 2013 125
Eli and Kord have been trying to create a fusion shot which consists of two slugs being shot at the same time using both of their powers. In order to make it work, they’ll need to travel to Scrap Heap, a junk yard cavern protected by Boss Ember and his Scrap Force.

Featured Slug(s): Xmitter

Season 3 (2013)

Series # Season # Title Original air date Prod. Code
26 01 "What Lies Beneath" July 1st, 2013 126
When Eli and the Shane Gang find themselves trapped in the Deep Caverns underneath Slugterra they discover a whole new type of danger threatening to escape. Allowing it past the barrier would mean unprecedented peril — not only for Slugterra, but our world above too!

Featured Slug(s): Boon Doc {(Doc) Guardian Slug}

Featured Ghoul(s): Darkfurnace {(Burpy) Ghoul Slugs}

27 02 "The Return" July 2nd, 2013 127
Armed with his powerful new weapon the Gatling Blaster, Blakk's unstoppable battle train threatens to run roughshod over all of Slugterra—unless Eli can master his new Double Barrel Blaster and come up with a powerful fusion move in time to stop it.

Featured Slug(s): Enigmo (Mo)

28 03 "Slugball" July 3rd, 2013 128
The Shane Gang find themselves competing in the Slugball Championship—a rough and tumble cross between hockey, slugslinging and rugby—with deadly random obstacles thrown in for fun! Eli suspects the rival team is cheating, but he's going to have to prove it first...that is if he can survive the game!

Featured Slug(s): Slicksilver

29 04 "King of Sling" July 5th, 2013 129
Locke and Lode have run roughshod over a cavern and The Shane Gang aim to kick them out. But the townspeople have their own hero to clean up the town—none other than the King of Sling, a pompous Slugslinger the gang has bested on a number of occasions. There is no way he'll survive against two of Blakk's minions, but Eli can't intervene without humiliating the king! So the Shane Gang decide to work behind the scenes to make the king victorious. That is until Dr. Blakk himself arrives...

Featured Slug(s): Infurnus (Burpy)

30 05 "Mission: Improbable" August 17th, 2013 130
The Shane Gang's been captured by the zombifying Mr. Saturday! Locked up in Stalagmite 17, they are helpless as Dr. Blakk begins the trip there to collect them. Only one hope remains... the two members of the Shane Gang Saturday didn't capture: Pronto and Burpy. Can this mismatched pair pull off an impressive prison break?

Featured Slug(s): Infurnus (Burpy)

Featured Ghoul(s): Cryptogrif

31 06 "Keys to the Kingdom" August 24th, 2013 131
The Shane Gang follow Diablos Nacho to Molemound — the Molenoid home cavern. Pronto doesn't want to go — and not because he's in trouble. It turns out Pronto is the rightful KING of the Molenoids. He's been ducking the crown for years since the king's main responsibility is settling arguments and fixing leaky plumbing. But Pronto must play king for a day while the Shane Gang follows Nacho into the great Molenoid library to stop him from taking a valuable map. Meanwhile, Pronto faces an unwelcome challenge for the throne by his Life! Long! Nemesis! Seedo.

Featured Slug(s): Forgesmelter (Torch)

32 07 "The Thrill of the Game" August 31st, 2013 132
Our heroes are lured into an elaborate game by a twisted villain calling himself the Game Master. The Shane Gang must use every bit of skill they have to pass each level, but there is a devious twist: every slug they fire is captured, with the promise that they'll see them again only if they manage to make it to the end. That's becoming all the more difficult with fewer and fewer slugs...

Featured Slug(s): Crystalyd (Digger), Arachnet (Spinner), Hoverbug (Bugsy)

33 08 "Lightwell" September 7th, 2013 133
Burpy is sick, and the only thing that will cure him is a trip to the Lightwell—a mysterious, hidden power source only slugs (and the Shadow Clan) know the way to. Burpy can't make it on his own, so Eli vows to take him there. He convinces the Shadow Clan to point the way, but the journey is fraught with peril. Meanwhile the rest of the Shane Gang must fight side by side with the Shadow Clan when Blakk's minions attack.

Featured Slug(s): Infurnus (Burpy)

Featured Ghoul(s): Photomo

34 09 "It Comes by Night" September 14th, 2013 134
A mysterious creature is draining the energy from all the slugs in a distant cavern, and the residents are offering a rich reward to whoever can stop it. Mercenaries come out of the woodwork hoping for the prize, but the Shane Gang aim to stop it for free. That's what they do. It turns out this creature is more dangerous than anyone could imagine, and one by one, the hunters are taken out of the game—leaving only Eli and the reviled STOCKER remaining. The two forge an uneasy alliance, but can a mercenary like Stocker really be trusted?

Featured Slugs: Phosphoros {Glimmer}, Hoverbug (Flutter)

35 10 "Upgrade" September 21st, 2013 135
Dr. Blakk has been captured! Now it's up to the Shane Gang to transport him to Stalagmite 17, the only prison that can hold him. To do so, they're going to need some serious speed. That's just what they get when we reveal Kord's new modifications to their Mecha Beasts! But will it be enough to stand up to Blakk's own newly-designed super vehicles?

Featured Slug(s): Infurnus {(Burpy) Mega Morph}

36 11 "Back to Blakk" September 28th, 2013 136
While the rest of the Shane Gang defend the perimeter from the legions of Blakk Guards sent to free Dr. Blakk from prison, Eli interrogates the captured villain. Surprisingly, Blakk feels like talking. He reveals where he came from, how and why he discovered ghouls, and, most importantly of all, Eli learns the truth about what happened to his father.

Featured Slug(s): Infurnus (Burpy)

37 12 "Bandoleer of Brothers" October 5th, 2013 137
Eli's got a new slug recruit! But in the heat of battle, can this rookie go from frightened novice to the hero of the day?

Featured Slug(s): Infurnus (Burpy), Blastipede (Rookie)

38 13 "Dark as Night" October 12th, 2013 138
Dr. Blakk and his Darkbane minions have discovered a way to make their ghouls faster and stronger — giving them an edge over the Shane Gang. In order to even the odds, Eli is going to need his most powerful slugs and an upgraded blaster from Redhook. The only problem is, Dr. Blakk already has the slingersmith working for him... Eli and the gang attempt a daring rescue mission to free Redhook, but along the way discover Blakk has a much more sinister plan in the works...

Featured Ghoul(s): Ghoul Slug {(Mega Morph)}

39 14 "Light as Day" October 19th, 2013 139
Dr. Blakk has succeeded in creating a gap in the magical slug-energy barrier that protects Slugterra, opening the way for the evil Darkbane to tunnel their way up from the Deep Caverns. Eli and the Shane Gang must stop this at any cost. Now armed with a selection of upgraded slugs, blasters and armor, they take the battle to Dr. Blakk's front door. While his team slugs it out against Dr. Blakk's minions, Eli takes on Blakk himself once and for all!

Note: This is not the series finial.

Featured Slug(s): Slug {(Mega Morph)}, Boon Doc (Doc)

Season 4

Series # Season # Title Original air date Prod. Code

40 01 "TBA" TBA 140
41 02 "TBA" TBA 141
42 03 "TBA" TBA 142
43 04 "TBA" TBA 143
44 05 "TBA" TBA 144
45 06 "TBA" TBA 145
46 07 "TBA" TBA 146
47 08 "TBA" TBA 147
48 09 "TBA" TBA 148
49 10 "TBA" TBA 149
50 11 "TBA" TBA 150
51 12 "TBA" TBA 151
52 13 "TBA" TBA 152

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