Max Jackson is a famous movie star Slugslinger who has been in many popular films such as "Badder than Bad" which Trixie has seen 16 times, and has his own talk show which Pronto has been in once.


In Snowdance when the Shane Gang are watching a movie which he is starring in. Eli's slugs are watching one of his movies in Slugterra: Return of the Elementals. Later in Slug Fu Showdown when Junjie questioned Spirex of his knowledge of the the Elementals Spirex says he never misses an episode of Max Jackson who then plays footage of his show episode where Max and Pronto are on his talk show, with Pronto bragging of how he and the Shane Gang found the Elemental Slugs and saved SlugTerra.



  • Max's action figure appears in "Slugball".
  • Max Jackson has his own talk show, which Pronto has been on at least once.

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