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Frnd-0 mecha

Mecha-Beasts are robotic creatures used as a common form of transportation. They are powered by Slug Energy. The different animals they resemble can vary. Mecha-Beasts, like Slugs, can be ghouled by applying Dark Water to their cores.


Most, but not all, Mecha-Beasts are made at the Mecha-Beast Forge. They are powered by special hearts. These hearts are infused with Slug-energy via molecular transfusion. The abilities and qualities of a mecha-beast vary from mecha to mecha. They can be upgraded with mods just like blasters in order to fit various situations.


SLUG SG Vehicle Thundarr

Blakk`s mecha

Mecha Beasts are infused with Slug-energy, which unfortunately means that they can be ghouled. A ghouled mecha will start to behave erratically and its eyes will glow red. It will stop obeying orders and eventually turn on its rider, then explode. It can by cured by Healer slugs.

Seen Mecha-Beasts

Mecha-Beasts come in all shapes and sizes. The most commonly seen beasts resemble different earh animals such as bulls, wolves, horses, moles, dogs, donkeys and elephants. Some unique beasts were custom-made to look like snakes and the Hooligang had their mechas made to resemble hyenas. It has been seen that mechas can be modified to deploy a large amount of weaponry.


Snake Mecha Beast

Bull Mecha Beast

Chicken Mecha Beast

Elephant Mecha Beast

Horse Mecha Beast

Hyena Mecha Beast

Mole Mecha Beast

LK-E model

Mecha-Beasts Models in SlugTerra
Western Mech Forge BOOM-R · FRND-O · LK-E · WY-8
Blakk Industries TH1-DR
Unknown Manufacture

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