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The Polero is a red and blue metal element Slug with a white stomach. After hitting 100 mph they split in two, with a tripwire-like appendage strung between the two halves, connecting them. Their usual purpose is to bind an enemy dueler, usually around the legs, and trip them. It is also a favourite of Trixie.

A famous Polero is Bolo, who belongs to Eli Shane.

A ghouled version of Polero is called a Barreto.


  • Protoform Abilities - Stretchy body.
  • Siamo - Splits into two heads joined by a rope, can hit two targets with one shot.
  • Wrapattak - Wraps around an opponent, tying up legs or body.
  • Bolorino - Body stretches between the two heads creating a spinning trip line.
  • Stringler - One head bites each of two opponents, binding them together at the ankle or wrist, slowing them down.

Fusion Shots


  • SawBolo: "Polero"+"Thresher" - The Polero grabs the Thresher, spinning it at high speeds, leading to a bolo like appearance.


  • It is the only slug to have two heads in velocity.
  • A mega morph Polero, as well as a regular one (possibly Bolo) can be seen in the slugisode "Nothin' But a Slughound"


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