Quiet Lawn Cavern was a peaceful cavern that debut in The Slugout. It is a peaceful cavern, although the inhabitants tip-toe around on eggshells due to a population of Grenuke Slugs that live on the cavern's ceiling. The residents don't mind the presence of the Slugs, but they're certainly not happy about the presence of The Hooligang. It was the former home of the Energy Elemental known as Doc until he became a part of Eli's arsenal.

In Slugterra: Into the Shadows, the residents are celebrating and making loud noises for the first time because all the Grenuke slugs have disappeared.


Quiet Lawn Cavern is a modern and residential cavern. It was known to be very quiet hence the name and the famous blastersmith Red Hook lives in the cavern. Its population included Grenuker slugs.



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