Hey, welcome to Ricochet Pizza, we sling the best pies in SlugTerra
Mario the Pizza Guy to Eli[src]

Ricochet Pizza is a pizza place that's owned by Mario Bravado. Its claimed to sling the best pizzas in SlugTerra.


With his career gone, Mario and his Speedstinger Slug opened a pizzeria called "Ricochet Pizza" and became Mario the Pizza Guy. Though retired, Mario used trickshots to create pizzas, being able to make a pizza in less than a minute with one well-aimed shot of his slug.

He would later be confronted by Eli at his restaurant for help to land an impossible trickshot to free Pronto and other innocent prisoners. Though hostile at first, Mario bargained with Eli, Burpy, and Stunts over many pizzas. He agreed to train Eli Shane by teaching him to make pizzas in a single shot of Stunts, while filling out phone orders for pizzas. Throughout the training, Eli was able to convince Mario to come out of retirement due to Blakk not "holding up his end of the bargain".

List of Pizza Options

  • "Super Slinger, Super Cheese" aka "Super, Super Cheese"
  • "Large Pizza(s)"



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