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Rocky is a Hop Rock Slug who belongs to Eli Shane. Eli won him during the SlugSlinging competition of the first two episodes.  Like Joules, Rocky showed a specific interest in being the Slug to join Eli's arsenal, while the other members of his former arsenal weren't so keen on the sort of adventure life with a Shane promised.  Eli doesn't use Rocky very often.  Rocky's first real use came in "The Slug Run" -- hence his presence, rather than Joules, throughout the episode in Eli's bandoleer -- when he was used to knock down several plants which Chiller then frozen into an ice wall, slowing down the Shadow Clan members in pursuit of Eli. Rocky can not Mega Morph, but Rocky was able to take down a Darkbane in Light as Day. He was seen as a Mega Morph in the second Slugterra movie, Return of the Elementals.

Known Attacks

  • Protoform Abilities - Small burst like fire crackers.
  • Sploder - Medium explosion.
  • Scrapnel - Explodes in flight creating a burst of glowing hot shrapnel.

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