Rubin Evern is a Mercenary SlugSlinger and does multiple jobs around The 99 Caverns. He also enjoys watching slug runs and competing in Slug duels.


Rubin Evern debut in The World Beneath Our Feet Part 1 as seen in the background at the tournament also watching Eli vs. Shock Wire and in the end as being in the qualifier round. He makes more of a appearance in The World Beneath Our Feet Part 2 as facing off against John Bull as John Bull wins the duel and later was seen in the crowd cheering on Eli (about seen in Eli's 4th round) He is seen in The Slug Run in the background then seen competing in the slug run. He again later seen in Shadows and Light trying to get the fandango slugs to Bullsye cavern but Locke and Lode keeps on shutting him down and there mecha-beast are trashed so the Shane gang take them.

He is seen on the theater screen before the movie start trying to defeat Lock and Load that was from (Snowdance)

In A Distant Shore, he was with Gar Revelle for fame and fortune. He reapears in Endangered Species to hunt the Enigmo slug.

He returns in The Unbeatable Master to confront Shanai.

He may have also appeared in Back to Blakk as one of viggo's gang members.



  • Through the series he has been in different designs.


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