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Scorched Sparks Cavern

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Scorched Sparks Cavern

Scorched Sparks Cavern

Cavern Information
Name Scorched Sparks Cavern
Nato-Slug(s) Opening FlaringoLavalynx proto
First Appearance "The World Beneath Our Feet Part 2"

Scorched Sparks Cavern first appeared in the "The World Beneath Our Feet Part 2" when it was used to host a round of Slugslinging matches.

The cavern is made primarily of bare rock with deep chasms carved by -- and still filled with -- lava.  This is one of the first caverns that Eli sees when he arrives in SlugTerra.  According to Pronto, Scorched Sparks Cavern, with its semi-predictable eruptions, is one of the safer caverns.

The cavern supports a population of Lavalynx Slugs.

Scorched Sparks Cavern appears as a level in the game Battle for SlugTerra



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