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A Shadow Walker is an orb-shaped device that belongs to the Shadow Clan ("Shadow Clan Tech") that teleports the user wherever they want to go, just like the Shadow Clan. The teleportation is said to be achieved by sending an individual "through the shadows", though the mechanics of this method of travel have not been shown.


Inheritance (First appearance)

  • The Shadow Walker was seen for the first time in the Inheritance, hidden in Will Shane's treasure chest amongst a pile of seemingly useless everyday objects.

The Gentleman and the Thief

What Lies Beneath


Slug Day

  • Yarry uses it to trap The Giver so he, Morv and Oogleby can steal all of The Giver's slugs. However, they fail to escape because the Shadow Walker has used up its energy. Eli manages to retrieve it and use it to free The Giver.


  • Shadow Walkers have been seen being used by the Shadow Clan many times, but it's unknown if all members have one or just the ones with high authority.
  • This device does not work in the Deep Caverns.
  • The Gentleman was able to tell where Dana Por went saying that she didn't leave a track, but she did leave a trail behind her.


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