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ST SG SLUGS MakoBreakerProto

ST SG SLUGS MakoBreakerVeloTrail

Owner(s) Malvolio Drake
Brutale Drake
Element Water Water
Rarity Uncommon Uncommon
First Appearance "Deep Water, Dark Water"

The MakoBreaker Slug is an uncommon water element slug only seen in "Deep Water, Dark Water". It belongs to both Malvolio and Brutale Drake. It appears to be a brown slug with a dorsal fin in protoform. It also has two slits on each side of its head like gills. At 100 mph they are a brown shark with black lines all over it, and also have two sets of fins. It looks like a cavern shark. They can shoot their teeth like bullets. One can be seen in Drakes blaster at the start. The Mako Breaker is a playable slug in the Slug it Out app.


  • Protoform Abilities - Strong swimmer.
  • Bruteeth - Uses giant shark like mouth to chomp through things.
  • Razorstorm - Shoots a storm of sharp shark teeth.
  • Finsmash - Bashes with its powerful tail and head.


  • Its concept art page spells its name as 'Sharkus'.
  • It is the only water element Slug that needs a Torpedo Shell other than the Bubbaleone.
  • The name Makobreaker is named after the infamous Mako Shark.


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