Slag Rock Cavern, in its day you'd never find a more wretched place.
Dr. Blakk to Eli[src]

Slag Rock Cavern, now just simply known as Blakk's Cavern, first appeared in the episode "The World Beneath Our Feet Part 1". This dark and gloom cavern was home of Dr. Blakk and the headquarters for Blakk Industries, but after Blakk was defeated, it is now presumed abandoned.


In Back to Blakk, the cavern's history was somewhat revealed. Originally this was a mining cavern being ruled by Viggo Dare & his gang, but one faithful day Dr. Harlan E. Blakk challenged Viggo, so that he could continue to sell his products, but he would ultimately be defeated, afterwards Harlan E. would be spared his life, but he had to leave everything behind, including his son, Thaddius Blakk.

From then on, Dr. Blakk was forced into mining. And the residents there were, like Blakk, slaves of Viggo's gang, forced into labor at a young age. There were a few stores within the mining town, which worked on a barter system.  Much like at Barton and Spinks, Slugs were an acceptable form of currency, although not the only kind of exchange accepted.

Eventually Blakk would be forced into joining Viggo's gang, but soon after one small mishap would lead to Blakk being forced out the cavern just like his father. After then Blakk, constantly trained whoever he could, wherever he could, and one day Blakk returned to the Slag Rock to face Viggo. After Blakk successfully defeated Viggo, he took control of the cavern and began building his empire, but Will Shane was a constantly getting in the way, so he began experimenting with slugs, eventually Blakk perfected the ghouling process and got rid of Will, and with him out of the way, Blakk was free to go on with his work. And for here we can only presume that Blakk had depleted all the cavern's resources and captured all the cavern's slugs, which would lead to the cavern's death, and turn into the place we know today.



  • Redhook may have once lived in Slag Rock Cavern, before moving to Quiet Lawn Cavern.
  • Since there's no evidence of Blakk ever losing power of Slag Rock, the death of the cavern is the most likely answer to what happened, and considering the Blakk is a twisted person, he probably thinks the way the cavern looks now, is much better.

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