A Slingersmith (aka Blastersmith and/or Gunsmith) is a person who's skilled in creating, repairing, and customizing blasters.

One of the most famous slingersmiths is Redhook, he is/was a retired smith that made blasters for all the top slugslingers, including The Shanes (most notably Will Shane)

Notable Smiths

  • Redhook - He has made blasters for all the top slingers, including Will Shane. He's know for creating the Defender Slipstream XVLs and creating the accelerator attachment and with the help of Kord Zane they would go on to creating the Double Barrel.
  • Kord Zane - Although he isn't new to create and repair blasters, his mechanical do come in handy when it comes to amping things up, including blasters. With the help of Redhook, they were able to create the Double Barrel, and though he might not have been successful, he has tried to create the accelorator attachment and repair Eli's first blaster.


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